goes live but you need a Desire HD or Desire Z to get it working


HTC has finally opened the doors to its HTCSense website which lets you manage your phone’s data over the internet.This service was unveiled at the HTC Event in London last month where the company announced 2 new handsets , the Desire HD and Desire Z.

As we expected , the service only supports these two handsets which are expected to hit stores this month across Europe.

Some interesting stuff you can do with the HTCSense portal and the compatible phones

  • Remote Lock / Wipe
  • View Text Messages
  • Manage contacts
  • Add places to Maps
  • Discover Apps
  • Share apps
  • Personalize your phone

It awesome to see a phone manufacturer doing this. Apple has  FindMyiPhone app along with paid MobileMe subscription but it offers only one feature. HTCSense seems to have more features.  We should be trying this service soon and will share our views after that.

Managing your phone from within a browser seems freaking awesome !  What do you think ?

Author: Varun Krish

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