No ban on BlackBerry yet in India Phew!

I have been a Reliance user for the past few years and when I wanted to upgrade my handset, I opted for the BlackBerry.

I am exceedingly happy with the handset. Although it does look a bit plasticky, but the Push Inbox and the ease of internet access on the move is just extraordinary. (I mean on my way to the airport a few weeks ago, I did a web check-in as I was getting late reaching the airport thanks to traffic snarls).

Imagine my shock when I read in a news item that the Blackberry was going to be blacked out soon as the Indian Government perceived it as a security threat.


The government had asked Research in Motion (RIM) to provide them with access to algorithms required to decrypt BlackBerry messages latest by March 31st else face a total ban on the service in India.

The latest on that front is that BlackBerry service in the country will get a breather.

Meanwhile, the Reuters report of date quotes Telecom Secretary, Siddhartha Behrua, as saying, “There is no question of banning at this point. We are not interested that we say BlackBerry will not be used in this country.”

Telecom Minister, A Raja, said, “The interactions are going on with various stakeholders, including the home ministry… I do believe it will be resolved.”

Meanwhile, DoT has apprised RIM officials of the various concerns, and had a meeting scheduled for today evening with representatives of four mobile service providers that offer BlackBerry in India.

“We want operators to talk to BlackBerry people and put pressure on them to provide the necessary and satisfactory answers to security agencies,” said Behrua.

Phew! I am breathing again…..