Nokia 8 Hands On Impressions

Nokia 8 -8

When HMD Global resurrected Nokia’s smartphones, a flagship was what everyone had in mind but instead we got the 3,5 and 6. Good devices to be sure but not quite trailblazers. There’s no doubt about the fact that enthusiasts and loyalists have been waiting for a new top end device from Nokia. With the launch of the 8, the company is aiming to deliver just that. So without further ado, here’s a closer look at the all new Nokia 8. Continue reading “Nokia 8 Hands On Impressions”

Panasonic P85 Impressions

Panasonic P85 -8

As the commoditisation of hardware hits new lows, we’re seeing increasingly better hardware at rock bottom prices. As smartphones become mass market items, we’re seeing every brand trying to grab a piece of the pie. The Panasonic P85 is the Japanese company’s attempt to provide high quality hardware at a price that appeals to the mass market consumers. Continue reading “Panasonic P85 Impressions”

Smartron First Impressions

Smartron SRT Phone -1

With Sachin Tendulkar as a principal investor, Smartron has been making waves as the next big Indian company to look out for. The company has so far been involved in highly diversified technologies like convertible computers, IOT peripherals and of course smartphones. While Smartron’s first attempt at building a smartphone was not as successful as they might have hoped, it looks like their second innings might change the game altogether. We went hands on with the new Smartron and here’s what we think of it.  Continue reading “Smartron First Impressions”

Timex iQ+ Move Gallery & Impressions

Timex iQ+ Move -3

Timex, the 160 year old American watch brand, introduced it’s latest smartwatch in India today. Called the Timex iQ+ Move, it combines an analog movement with smart functions like activity tracking, perfectly synchronised time and more. While a full review is forthcoming, here’s a gallery and some first impressions of the watch.  Continue reading “Timex iQ+ Move Gallery & Impressions”

Elevate your photography with the OPPO F3 Plus

OPPO F3 Plus_fonearena-14

By now, most of you would’ve already been able to get a glimpse on just how good the OPPO F3 Plus is at photography. It is out and out a photographer’s sidekick when it comes to capturing the best of moments. However, there are several things that you need to check in detail in order to fully realize the phone’s potential. Continue reading “Elevate your photography with the OPPO F3 Plus”

Micromax Dual 5 Hands On & Impressions

Micromax Dual 5 -1

Launched at an event in Delhi, the Micromax Dual 5 marks the return of the brand from what appeared to be a rather long slumber. The Micromax Dual 5 represents a refreshed focus for the company that seems to now have its sights sets on the higher end mid-range segment. Having spent a bit of time with the device, here’s what we think about it.  Continue reading “Micromax Dual 5 Hands On & Impressions”