OnePlus unveils limited-edition ‘The Red Perspective’ photography book

OnePlus has introduced its first-ever limited-edition Shot on OnePlus Book, named The Red Perspective. This book pays tribute to the creative achievements of its community in “Shot On OnePlus” photography.

OnePlus ‘The Red Perspective’ limited-edition Shot on OnePlus Book

This initiative, dubbed “The Red Perspective,” celebrates the passion for photography and creative aspirations of the OnePlus community and Red Cable Club (RCC) members, showcasing the remarkable camera capabilities of OnePlus devices.

The limited-edition Red Perspective book features a curated collection of visuals from Red Cable Club and community members, depicting various aspects of life through their lenses.

It encompasses diverse themes like macrophotography, black and white photography, wildlife, nature, travel, and lifestyle.

What’s Inside?

Structured into sections like “Life Through Your Lens,” “Red Cable Curation,” and “OnePlus X Creators,” the book presents over 90 stunning photos contributed by community members, Red Cable Club, OnePlus creators, and notable wildlife photographers Varun Aditya and Arzoo Khurana.

At the core of “The Red Perspective” lies OnePlus’ Shot on OnePlus (SOOP) campaign, showcasing the outstanding camera capabilities of OnePlus devices, including their collaboration with Hasselblad.

  • The book showcases photos captured with OnePlus flagship devices since the OnePlus 5’s debut in 2017, emphasizing the evolution of OnePlus cameras.
  • Each photograph in The Red Perspective is carefully chosen to evoke emotions and transport viewers to memorable moments.

OnePlus prioritized both the meaning and visual appeal in the selection process, celebrating innovation and creativity within the community.


The Red Perspective will soon be accessible for viewing at select OnePlus Retail stores.

To mark its launch, an exclusive event was held in Bangalore on April 27th, offering community members a first-hand experience of the book.

Speaking at the launch of The Red Perspective, Ishita Grover, Director of Marketing at OnePlus India, said,

We are excited to unveil our inaugural limited-edition Shot on OnePlus Book, ‘The Red Perspective’. This distinctive initiative aims to inspire the creative endeavors of our talented OnePlus community and showcase their perspectives and artistic endeavors through the unmatched camera prowess of OnePlus devices.

Our commitment to a user-centric approach, shaped by continuous feedback, guarantees that our products align with the desires and aspirations of our community. This book stands as a tribute to their creative ambitions and our collaborative journey of breaking barriers together.