Zepp OS 3.5 with Zepp Flow AI is now available for Amazfit Balance in India

Zepp Health has introduced the Zepp OS 3.5 update for the Amazfit Balance smartwatch in India, following its announcement at MWC 2024.

Zepp Flow

This update brings Zepp Flow, an AI-driven feature, making Amazfit the first to have a Natural-Language User Interface (LUI) powered by LLM AI in its operating system.

Zepp Flow allows users to interact with their smartwatch using natural language, eliminating the need for specific commands or keywords.

With Zepp Flow, users can perform various tasks like scheduling events, replying to notifications, checking the weather, and engaging in free chat, all through voice commands.

New features of Zepp OS 3.5 include:
  • Support for Half and Full Marathon Plans: Zepp Coach now offers comprehensive training programs for half and full marathons, with new features like Confidence Index and Plan Completion Rate for better progress management.
  • New Sleep Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Feature: Provides a complete record of overnight HRV data, aiding in understanding overall well-being.

  • Support for showing WhatsApp image messages: Android users can now view image messages directly on their smartwatch, enhancing messaging convenience.
  • Enhanced Navigation with Offline Map Road Names: Displays road names on offline maps for better navigation during exercise or travel.
  • New Sports Modes: Bouldering and Indoor Rock Climbing: Enables tracking and goal setting for climbers.
  • Running Power Tracking: Tracks the amount of work during a run, offering deeper insights into performance.

  • Enhanced Winter Sports Experience: Adds trail navigation and resort maps support for snowboarding and skiing.

This update expands the capabilities of the Amazfit Balance smartwatch, offering personalized experiences and empowering users to take control of their well-being with intelligent healthcare tools.


At first, Zepp OS 3.5 is available for the Amazfit Balance smartwatch in India. Subsequent rollouts are planned for other models like the Amazfit Cheetah series, Amazfit Falcon, and Amazfit T-Rex Ultra starting from May.

Commenting on the launch, CP Khandelwal, CEO of PR Innovations and Brand Custodian of Amazfit in India, said,

This update represents a significant stride in wearable intelligence, positioning Amazfit smartwatches at the forefront of the industry as pioneers in integrating a fully integrated Natural-Language User Interface powered by LLM AI into their operating systems.

We are delighted to provide our customers with an enriched user experience that seamlessly incorporates AI into their daily routines. With this release, we persist in challenging the limits of wearable technology, providing a genuinely intelligent and intuitive experience that blends AI with everyday activities.