Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard Review


Although we live in the world dominated with touch screen devices, when it comes to getting productive work done we do rely on a physical keyboard, and it’s even better if the keyboard is wireless. A Bluetooth keyboard lets you connect with mobile devices like smartphones, tablet, laptops and even desktops. We have got our hands on Logitech’s K380 multi-device Bluetooth keyboard. Let’s see how the keyboard fares in terms of design and offering productivity in this review.

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Nubia Z11 mini Review: Good looking camera phone, a bit overpriced


ZTE’s sub-brand Nubia in India launched its Nubia Z11 mini on Thursday. The handset boasts of a glass and metal design combination as well as a 16-megapixel rear camera with phase-detection auto-focus (PDAF). Continue reading “Nubia Z11 mini Review: Good looking camera phone, a bit overpriced”

Moto Z Play Review


The Moto Z Play is the smaller brother of the Moto Z which is the flagship Moto product of 2016. However, there seems to be quite a lot of similarities and even improvements in certain areas that could potentially make it a really great upper mid-range smartphone. Let us examine the phone in close detail to see what it offers us.

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Audio Technica QuietPoint Noise Cancelling Earphones Review – ATH-ANC40BT


Noise cancelling earphones are nothing new. There have been countless different iterations from various manufacturers over the years but not all have been impressive. Many have been too bulky to be considered as true earphones and others skimp out on noise cancellation or the audio quality. However, the ATH-ANC40BT from Audio Technica seems to be an exception to this rule. We take a look at the headset in detail to see what it offers and whether it solves the issues that plague most other noise cancelling earphones.

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Review


The Redmi Note 4 from Xiaomi was unveiled a good 10 months after the announcement of the Redmi Note 3. On paper, it seems to have quite a similar spec list compared to the Redmi Note 3 and seems to offer a package with few improvements. However, as history has shown us, specifications only tell a part of the story and we embark on this review to take a look and see whether or not it is the same case with the Note 4.

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Moto Z Review: Beauty and a Beast


While the Moto G and E series of phones helped the company break into the mass market, it was the Moto X that cemented the company’s foothold in the upper end of the market. The handset encompassed everything that users loved about the Nexus series of phones and delivered added goodies like Moto Maker derived customisation on top. While the Lenovo acquisition led to the demise of the latter, the Moto Z points to a brand new direction for the company’s flagship device. Here’s the FoneArena review of the Moto Z, one of the most interesting devices to be launched in 2016. Continue reading “Moto Z Review: Beauty and a Beast”

Lenovo Z2 Plus Review


Lenovo launched the Z2Plus, successor of last year’s ZUK Z1 in India last month exclusively on Amazon.in starting at Rs. 17,999. This was originally introduced in China as ZUK Z2 back in May. With a 5-inch 1080p screen, Snapdragon 820 processor and a unibody glass and metal design, the specifications of the phone look good on paper. Let us dive into the review to find out whether that impressive specifications translate to an impressive all round performance in real life as well. Continue reading “Lenovo Z2 Plus Review”

Coolpad Note 5 Review

coolpad-note-5-1In the highly competitive entry level Android device market, Coolpad has managed to carve out a niche for itself. From the Note 3 to the Mega, each device has promised and for the most part delivered a great balance between price and performance. Yes, there have been a fews misses along the way but once again with the launch of the Coolpad Note 5, it looks like they might have a winner on their hands that can finally give stiff competition to a market mostly dominated by the likes of Xiaomi’s Redmi series. Continue reading “Coolpad Note 5 Review”

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Review


Xiaomi recently launched the most expected Mi Band 2 in India. It is the company’s third-generation fitness and sleep tracker after the most popular Mi Band and the upgraded Mi Band Pulse with a heart rate sensor. It is the first Mi Band with an OLED display. Priced at Rs. 1999, it is one of the few bands with a display and a heart rate sensor in the price range, so it is definitely worth the price. How about the features, performance and the battery life? Let us dive into the review to find out. Continue reading “Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Review”

Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim 2TB Review


It’s hard to believe how far we have come in terms of storage technology. It wasn’t too long ago when a terabyte was an unbelievably large amount of storage. Over time as we got accustomed to the size, what didn’t change drastically was the size of the drive. With the Backup Plus Ultra Slim drive, Seagate has managed to create a drive that ranks amongst the slimmest in the world and packs design sensibilities that really set it apart.  Continue reading “Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim 2TB Review”

Romoss Rolink Hybrid – Dual Lightning/microUSB Cable Review


One of the greatest advantages of wireless technology is the fact that you have lesser cables to carry and don’t have to worry about compatibility as such. However, even in 2016, most of the accessories and basic functions such as charging still requires cables and that can often mean that most of us have to carry at least two cables in our bags. This is true especially if you are someone like me who carries an iOS and Android device. But what if you can have just one cable to suit both needs? Sounds perfect? The Romoss Rolink Hybrid could be your solution. Let’s check it out.

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Casio G-SHOCK GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor GPW-1000 Review


Casio has come up with a brand new product in their G-SHOCK collection called the GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor GPW-1000. The watch is one of the costliest addition to the G-SHOCK lineup but yet is one of the cheapest GPS watches available in the market. Let’s find out if it is worth its price.

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Samsung Galaxy Note7 Review


There was always a confusion among the general public about which Galaxy Note or Galaxy S device was the latest since the Note series was always a number behind on the latest version. This time around, Samsung decided to skip the number 6 and went with Note7 branding in order to bring it in line with the Galaxy S series lineup as well the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus which are now available.

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