ZTE Blade V6 Review: Budget iPhone Lookalike


ZTE recently launched an iPhone design inspired smartphone dubbed the ZTE Blade V6 in India for Rs. 9,999. The phone boasts of similar look and feel as the iPhone 6, but with a twist of Android 5.0 Marshmallow along with hybrid dual-SIM support and 4G LTE connectivity. Continue reading “ZTE Blade V6 Review: Budget iPhone Lookalike”

Transcend JetDrive Go 500G Review – Lightning / USB 3.1 Flash Drive

Transcend JetDrive Go 500G_fonearena-06

The Transcend JetDrive Go 500G flash drive allows OTG transfers between your computer and your iOS devices. This is the successor of JetDrive Go 300S that we had reviewed few months back. This has USB 3.1 for faster file transfer speed from a PC, compared to USB 2.0. Let us dive into the review to learn more about the device and how it performs.

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Coolpad Mega 2.5D Review

Coolpad Mega 2.5D -2

Coolpad has been upping its game in the entry-level handset segment. The Coolpad Note series of devices have been known to be consistent performers and bring a good price to performance ratio. Now with the Mega 2.5D, the company is focussing on a more fashion forward approach. The phone also targets the selfie loving audience with a focus on the front facing camera. Here’s the FoneArena review of the Coolpad Mega 2.5D where we explore whether the phone delivers on any of those counts. Continue reading “Coolpad Mega 2.5D Review”

Kent Aura HEPA Air Purifier Review

Kent Air Purifier -1

Ranking high up in the list of most polluted cities around, Delhi is a veritable nightmare for those prone to health issues, breathing related in particular. Cashing in on the market are the likes of Philips, Honeywell, Atlanta Healthcare and now Kent. The makers of popular water filtration systems, the company has now entered the lucrative air purifier business. We tested out the Kent Aura HEPA Air Purifier system and here’s our review. Continue reading “Kent Aura HEPA Air Purifier Review”

LeEco Super3 X65 4K TV Review


Some say that TVs are a dying breed and that portable entertainment will eventually kill the TV. However, that is a statement that we’ve been hearing for years and the TV has not just survived but is growing bigger and bigger in size while gaining new features and tech in the process. 4K TVs are the “it thing” these days and few get bigger and badder than the LeEco Super3 X65 4K Smart TV. So let’s take a look at just how good or bad it is.

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Huawei P9 with Dual Leica Lens Review

huawei_p9_review (6)

The Huawei P8 was a bold move from the company to follow up the Ascend P7 smartphone. There isn’t much to talk about the Ascend P7 but the P8 was an entirely different story. It offered one of the most fluid performances of any Android smartphone at the time and the features too were flagship material. However, the smartphone didn’t receive as much attention as it should’ve. At least not until the Nexus 6P came along. It took a bit of Google and Nexus branding for the world to recognize the kind of high level engineering that Huawei is able to achieve. The Nexus 6P is perhaps the best Nexus device ever made and I am sure a lot of people will agree with me on that. When people recognized the benefits and the quality that Huawei was able to provide, the P8 also got some attention. However, the brand needed something to follow up to the P8 and something that would really grab the attention of everyone. The result is the Huawei P9 with Dual Leica Lens which truly is an engineering marvel on paper with the dual Leica lenses. In the past, we’ve seen how such dual lens setups have failed to impress the average buyer but this time around, things seem different. Let’s find out how in the review.

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Freedom 251 Review

Freedom 251-11A lot has been said and written about Ringing Bells, the company behind the infamous Freedom 251 handset. A phone that has almost reached mythical status due to the ambiguity around its availability. While the company says that they’ve started shipping the phones, large-scale availability still remains a concern. We got our hands on a review unit to bring you the low down on what makes the Freedom 251 tick.   Continue reading “Freedom 251 Review”

OPPO F1s Review

Oppo F1S Review -2

Out of the blue, OPPO has become one of the foremost players in the Chinese smartphone industry. With a focus on quality hardware and experience, the company has brought several innovations like VOOC charging and more to the table that has helped them garner a fair share of the market. With their eyes set on India, OPPO has been getting even more aggressive as they bring newer hardware to the country at all price points. With the launch of the OPPO F1s, the company seems to have a very interesting piece of hardware in the sub Rs. 20,000 segment. Continue reading “OPPO F1s Review”

Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime Review

Xiaomi Redmi 3S Review -6

As the competition progressively gets tougher in the Indian smartphone space, we’re increasingly seeing Xiaomi get more aggressive. Not just on price but also with the frequency of launches, the company wants to retain and enhance its foothold in the bread and butter, sub 10,000 rupee market. As millions of Indians start buying their first smartphones, it is this very segment where most manufacturers are hankering to grab a piece of the pie. We’ve had our hands on the Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime for a couple of days now and here’s our review. Continue reading “Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime Review”

LG G5 Review

lg_g5_review_header (2)

LG hit a home run with the G2 which dropped the Optimus branding from its name but in turn received commercial and critical success. Up until then, LG had almost always been in Samsung’s shadow since their Galaxy S lineup of devices especially had been better offerings and even the Optimus Vu lineup that was launched to compete with the Galaxy note lineup was underwhelming. The G2 went head to head with the Galaxy S4 and although the S4 was a great smartphone, the G2 did improve on almost every aspect possible.

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Hyve Buzz Review

Hyve Buzz Review -6Over the last few years we’ve seen the old guard get left behind as new entrants try and make their presence felt in the Indian smartphone market. While the Chinese have increasingly made inroads, today we’re going to take a look at a device from a new Indian brand. Called Hyve, the Delhi based company launched two new devices recently. Here’s our review of the Hyve Buzz, the higher end of the two devices.  Continue reading “Hyve Buzz Review”

Fitbit Blaze Review


Fitbit, the popular fitness tracker and wearable maker made its foray into the smartwatch market by announcing its first Blaze smart fitness watch at CES 2016 in January this year. The company is known for making quality fitness trackers and hence we were curious to see what it brings to the table with its “fitness watch”. The Fitbit Blaze was launched in India in March this year for a price of Rs. 19,999. Does the company manage to offer the perfect blend of a smartwatch plus a fitness tracker with Blaze? Is the device worth its price tag? Let’s check the same in this detailed review.
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Asus Zenfone Max (2016) Review

Asus Zenfone Max 2016_fonearena-09

Asus launched an upgraded version of the Zenfone Max in India in May starting at Rs. 9999 as a successor of the first Zenfone Max that was launched back in January. It has a faster Octa-Core Snapdragon 615 SoC, runs on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and has 32GB of storage. It also has a 3GB RAM variant for Rs. 12,999. Is the phone worth the price? Let us find out in the complete review.
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