OnePlus 5 Review

OnePlus 5 Review India -3

OnePlus hasn’t shied away from calling it’s phones, flagship killers. The company set out to build top-notch handsets with cutting edge specifications and offered them at bargain basement prices. The OnePlus 5 however has higher ambitions. With its sight set on top end flagships and a price that isn’t too far off, OnePlus has a tough uphill climb ahead of it. The company has endowed it with all sorts of hardware bells & whistles but hardware alone doesn’t make a phone. Let’s take a closer look and see if the OnePlus 5 really lives up to the hype.  Continue reading “OnePlus 5 Review”

HTC U11 Review: This squeezable phone is HTC’s best phone in years

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In an attempt to change its fortune and to outdo its rivals, the Taiwan-based HTC today launched the HTC U11, a new smartphone packed with some flagship grade internals dubbed as HTC U11 featuring a new technology called as Edge Sense. This ‘U’ series marks the next chapter in HTC’s portfolio concentrating more on design following the ‘M’series. Continue reading “HTC U11 Review: This squeezable phone is HTC’s best phone in years”

Nubia M2 Lite Review


Nubia, the sub-brand of ZTE is known for making mid-range smartphones with impressive design and it recently introduced a new one in its M2 series. The company launched M2 Lite, a selfie focused smartphone in India last month for Rs. 13999 exclusively on, that puts it in one of the most competitive price segments in the country. Let’s see if the phone can be your selfie driver in this detailed review. Continue reading “Nubia M2 Lite Review”

Timex iQ+ Move Review


Timex had launched Metropolitan+ analog watch that also acts like an activity tracker last year. The company is now back with a successor this year with Timex IQ+ Move. Priced at Rs. 9,995, it is an analog watch that also acts as a smart fitness tracker. I have been using this watch for few days, so let’s take a detailed look at the review.
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Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT Review

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Part of Sennheiser’s 2017 range of headphones, the HD 4.40 BT sits bang in the middle of the wired HD 4.30 and the 4.50 which includes active noise cancellation. Priced at Rs. 10,990, the pair is relatively pricey and faces a fair amount of competition. Will Sennheiser be able to strike that much vaunted balance between performance and price? We find out in our review. Continue reading “Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT Review”

MuveAcoustics Drive in-ear earphones Review


The audio accessory market is dominated by players like JBL, Sennheiser, Jaybird and others. However, new players are entering the space and one such player is MuveAcoustics. The company recently launched Drive in-ear earphones for Rs. 1999. Let’s see if this is worth the price tag in this detailed review.

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Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Review

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While some handset makers concentrate on specific range market, Samsung has learned the art of balancing between the High, mid and low ranges of smartphones. Having said that, the company also launches smartphone under Galaxy A and C series, which fills the space in between mid to high-end range. This exact space between the two ranges gives you the blend of performance, quality and premium look at low-cost. So, this is what the new Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro is all about. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Review”

Xiaomi Redmi 4 Review : Budget Blockbuster

Xiaomi Redmi 4 -10

The sub 10,000 rupee category of phones has been redefined by Xiaomi’s Redmi series. Over multiple generations, the company has focussed on delivering a compelling experience driven by competitive hardware and well optimised software. Xiaomi has a similar goal in mind with the Redmi 4 too. Does it succeed? We find out in our review.

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CAT S60 Review : Rugged to the Bone

CAT S60 Review -1

Think CAT and a massive yellow excavator is probably the first image that comes to your mind. Short for Caterpillar, the company has been making heavy construction equipment for decades now. What’s not quite as well-known is the fact that the company has been in the rugged phone market too for the last few years. While the S60 might be the first smartphone with a built-in thermal camera, it is also the first CAT device to be launched in India. Rugged phones are still a bit of a rarity in India so we were suitably excited to put the CAT S60 through it’s paces. Find out what we discovered in our review.  Continue reading “CAT S60 Review : Rugged to the Bone”

Amazon Fire TV Stick Review: A value for money streaming device


Amazon entered India in mid-2013 and soon became one of the biggest e-commerce players in the market. Last year, the company launched its Prime video subscription service in the country to create ripple in the online streaming market and locked horns with the likes of Netflix and Hotstar. It is pretty clear that Amazon considers India as a potential market and hence has big plans for the country. Following the Prime Video launch last year, Amazon launched its Fire TV Stick with voice remote for Rs. 3999 in India last month. Thanks to the advent of affordable streaming services, India is witnessing a change in terms of television viewing experience.

We have got our hands on the Amazon Fire TV Stick, so let’s take a detailed look at the features and see if this could be your go-to streaming device in this review. Continue reading “Amazon Fire TV Stick Review: A value for money streaming device”

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

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Samsung launched the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ smartphones in India last month starting at Rs. 57,900. As the name indicates, the S8 is the eighth smartphone in the ‘Galaxy S’ series, which is a major improvement when it comes to the design and display compared to Galaxy S6 and S7 series of smartphone. Is this a good successor to the S7 in the ‘Galaxy S’ series? Let us find out in the review.

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Micromax Evok Power Review

Micromax Evok Power Review -1

Stepping out from their slumber, Micromax is finally introducing a range of new smartphones. A play in the online-only space, the Evok series is aimed directly at competitors like Xiaomi. With the Evok Power and Evok Note, the first wave of phones target both the large battery and large display wanting market segments. A budget device that is focussed on delivering the essentials, the Micromax Evok Power brings a large battery, sturdy design as it’s highlight features. Will that be enough to make it a strong contender in the highly competitive budget segment? We find out in our review. Continue reading “Micromax Evok Power Review”