Unlocked Apple iPhone 4 Available for $649 in USA

As we told you yesterday about the Apple iPhone 4 Unlocked arriving across all the Apple stores in the USA. The unlocked iPhone 4 is finally available for purchase at the online Apple store in USA. Since the launch of the phone in June 2010, the unlocked iPhone 4 was not available in any of the Apple stores in US officially and customers had to purchase it along with a carrier data plans offered by AT&T and Verizon. There was an option to get the phone without a contract by paying a similar price tag but the device was still locked to AT&T.

Apple iPhone 4 Unlocked Price

  • Apple iPhone 4 16GB – $649
  • Apple iPhone 4 32GB – $749

The pricing remains the same for both Black and the White versions of the iPhone 4.The pricing is pretty similar to the Singapore / Hong Kong market and its infact cheaper than India.But the price does not include tax which is around 6-10%.


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  • iphone 4 is a nice smartphone, but in my opinion samsung galaxy s2 is the best 🙂

  • Dadadada

    iphone is not good.

  • Msck Reddy

    which fone is better either iphone 4 or htc sensation

  • vinosp

    The anti-iPhone comments here are just the envious who cant afford one. The iPhone is for people who want to get things done rather than fool around with “skins”, “hacks”, “rom updates” and ofcourse the variety of App stores for Android that have mushroomed. Apparently the only app on Android that works is the “Talking Cat” app!
    Buy an iPhone if you can afford it and forget about the rest. The iPhone just works and you can also just work on making money rather than worrying about your phone.