Samsung and Apple to overtake Nokia soon

Nokia is currently the leading mobile phone company in the world. They are currently on top and ruling the mobile phone market from last 14 years. It’s a long time indeed but from last 2-3 years, Nokia is facing some hard time and they are losing their position gradually and it looks like the time is here when Nokia will be no longer known as the top leading mobile phone company, because Samsung and Apple will be taking down Nokia from 1st to 3rd place soon.
That’s what Investment banking firm Nomura is saying. Reuters is further reporting that:

“Nokia looks set to relinquish its smartphone crown to Samsung and Apple,” Nomura analysts said in a research note. “Further emphasizing the shift in power to Asia is our forecast for HTC to almost match Nokia during 2012.”

Samsung will take the first place, whereas Apple will be on 2nd place. A few years ago, Samsung was considered as a company with some low-end handsets and even their high-end handsets were not that popular. But then last year, Samsung officially launched Samsung Galaxy S which really changed the way people were used to think about Samsung, and it raised the company standard bar to a new level. Samsung sold more than 10 million units of Galaxy S and now they recently launched Galaxy S II, which is currently considered as one of the best Android devices available in the market. And about Apple, we all know that it’s an amazing brand and their famous Apple iPhone line is conquering the mobile phone market from a long time now. Nokia is losing the race but may be they will make a return with WP7 devices, and they are getting ready to launch WP7 later this year. So now only WP7 can save Nokia because Symbian is losing its touch and other OS’s like Android, iOS and WP7 are currently leading.
Anyway, do you think WP7 can save Nokia’s sinking boat?