Airtel to launch iPhone 4 in India by September or October

Bharti Airtel is working with Apple to launch the iPhone 4 in India by September or October according to a statement by Airtel’s CEO during the CII industry event.

“We are working with Apple…hopefully (Bharti will launch) in the September, October timeframe,” Sanjay Kapoor  Chief Executive Officer – Bharti Airtel Ltd. (India & South Asia)

We also verified the same statement with Airtel and the statement is very true.

Vodafone had announced the it plans to bring the iPhone 4 to India soon but had not revealed the launch date or price.

Airtel is not revealing much either but they are hinting at atleast a September – October timeframe for the launch.

We had hinted that India might be one of the 88 countries where Apple plans to launch the iPhone 4 device by September and this might turn out to be true.

Get ready for using microSIM cards in India !

But the million dollar question is will our Indian operators subsidize the price of the iPhone like carriers in other markets ?

If you can’t wait for the India launch of the iPhone 4 , you can get the factory unlocked device from UK and Europe and cut your normal SIM into a microSIM and use the iPhone in India.

FoneArena was the first to get the iPhone 4 working on a BSNL 3G SIM Card and it worked beautifully well !

With 3G services expected to be rolled out by September in India , the timing of the iPhone 4 launch cannot get any better !

If you are looking to buy a new phone during Diwali , looks like you might have a lot of options this year !

via WSJ

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Author: Varun Krish

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  • anshul

    Bought an iphone from Herra panna for Rs. 40000 and you know what its worth it. 🙂

  • Abhisek Bohidar

    What a joke!
    when people are buying iphone 4 now people will be buying iphone 5 in it is will be much late for people and apple.i am using iphone 3gs and thinking to get iphone 4 in february.

  • Ashish Agarwal

    Apple worst company ever in choosing the sensible global market.It gives Indians,the worlds second largest mobile market,last and least privilege always,as Iphone 5 is on its way in September,and Iphone 4 is launching now after a year.Those fools are just disposing off their old crap phones to Indians,through puppets companies like Airtel,must be assuring them for good profits…If talk about 3G connectivity this phone works on 2G sim as well with some limitations like video calls this is just the sort of cheap excuses that India was not 3G ready,many Nokia phones are coming which are 3G enabled since 2007 and previous Iphone 3 was also 3G enabled so why they launched that then.
    don’t buy it,just the wastage of money..wait for next