Apple iPhone 4 works over BSNL 3G in India

At FoneArena we know you users very well. We understand that a lot of you like to buy a phone when you are traveling. This holds good for brands like Apple which totally neglect the Indian market. So we decided to get our hands on the Apple iPhone 4 32GB Factory Unlocked (SIM Free) Model courtesy of our beloved friend from UK.

Honestly , the first thing I tried when I got hold of the phone was to hold it by left hand corner. The phone had a O2 UK MicroSIM inside and it was on International roaming and displayed Aircel. As you can see in the image below, the signal never dropped and showed full  5 Bars.

We headed back to our labs and decided to convert a spare BSNL 3G SIM card into a microSIM so that we can get 3G working on this phone.

We ran into a problem. In India some SIM cards such as Vodafone and Aircel have a smaller chip but Airtel , BSNL have large chips. So we had to be extra careful not to chop of the metal part. We finally managed to get a BSNL 3G SIM Card in the shape of the microsIM 3FF card. We will have a separate post with a video probably on how to cut your SIM into a microSIM.

So we got 3G finally working on the iPhone 4 and clocked almost 1Mbps ! Let us know what you would like to know about the iPhone 4 ? We shall try our best to find out .

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Author: Varun Krish

Varun Krish is a Mobile Technology Enthusiast and has been blogging about mobile phones since 2005. His current phones include the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge , Apple iPhone 6S Plus & Nexus 5X. You can follow him on Twitter @varunkrish and on Google+ You can also mail Varun Krish

  • anil

    hi amit, i have iphone 4 black 16gb, i have never used it for single day, it is commitment free and from canada as i m staying in bandra, mumbai so if you eager to buy and staying in mumbai then do email me at

    • Prasad KVS

      Hi Anil,

      Is this still valid, it the Apple iphone still avaliable, if so i am interested, plz share me the specifications and the price.

      Prasad KVS
      M: 9885706407

  • wills

    hi i would like to know something, my partner is hiding one number from me….i saw the sim.. it looks like vodafone….the number i have is aircel…

    can someone tell me does aircel and vodafone sim look same or are they same????

    please help.

    i have the sim card number from behind the sim… can i get the mobile number from ther…


    will vodafone sim if made micro sim work on iphone 4 in india

  • cvrao

    Hi Iam using BSNL 3g for my Apple iphone 4g,I want to know wheather iphone 4g is having access bsnl 3g services in India

    • Ankur

      Have you even read the post before posting the comment here?

      Even the post heading says it all.
      And there is no iPhone 4g, it is iPhone 4.

  • Ponnovian

    Hi I have bought an Iphone 4 form USA. I have Unlocked it. I was using it with TMobile in USA. I cut the normal SIM to Micro SIM and used. When i came to India, I tried the same in Vodafone, It was not successful. Finally I got a microsim in Vodafone store and now my Iphone is working fine for Voice. However I am unable to use it for data. I am not sure about the settings. Can anyone help me on this

    • Ramachandran

      Hi Ponnovian,

      Even i bought a new iphone 4 in USA. Can u pls tell me how did u unlock it ? did u unlock in USA or in India ?

      any help will be appreciated.


  • Amit

    I want apple iphone 4 16gb or 32gb for myself. I am ok to purchase if it is locked or unlocked. Anyone coming from U.S, UK or singapore, pls can bring 1 piece for me in india. I stay in mumbai. Wil meet and pay cash. I am ready to purchase second hand iphone 4 also. Mail me at

    • Kainaz

      Hi Amit,

      I have an iPhone 4, 16gb, unlocked, I am wanting to sell. It is used for 5 months but works perfectly fine and looks as good as when I bought it. There is no damage to it whatsoever and the accessories are untouched.

      If you are still interested mail me at

  • Akhil

    Hi am using iphone4 on 4.2.1. Its jailbroken and unlocked. Using vodafone in mumbai and have 3G activated. Vodafone says that for 3G to work the phone needs to be in dual band. Any idea what that is?

    • Arun

      You need to enable Both GSM and WCDMA to make 3g work.

  • bharat


    My brother sent iphone4 16gb from uk. can any one help me to unlock it.

  • bhavu

    i am going to purchase iphone 4 from US.
    is it properly work in india with Airtel or if i unlock it then is it work properly please reply on

    • Siddhartha Saha

      Do not buy if the price is too high u can get it here. With the same price…….
      iPhone 4 8GB & 16GB available..

      Contact :9930085737

    • Taranath

      It will work in india with any sim but you have to use Gevey sim with your sim. refer some youtube clips. you can ask some one to jail break and cut your sim 2g or 3g to microsim….all the best

  • unni

    hai ,
    i am going to buy a i phone-4 in usa. so plz tell the procedure like what are the factors have to consider and what are the details have to ask mobile shop.
    and currently i dont have any indian sim cards. from next month shall i use that mobile in india? and which network is good?
    plz suggest friends…

  • Siddhartha Saha

    I have iPhone4 both 8GB and 16GB factory unlocked sealed pack at price that is same as that in UK or US (inc. taxes). I am currently in Andheri, Mumbai. If any one interested can contact me at my mobile 9930085737.
    Limited stock call fast…….

  • Raghu

    Hi varun,
    I hav a factory unlocked iPhone 4 which I use on bsnl wit 3G.ihav a very unique prob.the data service works fine and even touch speeds of 2 mbps.the prob is wit my voice calls.when people cal me the phone is not reachable even though my iPhone shows full signal.I hav changed the sim and I hav also changed the iPhone.other networks work fine.the prob is only with help.

    • kian

      hi raghu,

      can u tell me,from where u got the micro sim for iphone 4??im lookin to get 1 in hyderabad,AP.

      • Taranath

        No need of micro sim just ask some professional to cut your 2g or 3g sim for microsim. I am able to cut myself both 3g and 2g sim to micro sim using a knife. go through Youtube clips. It need not fie excactly in the slot approximate is ok. but try with unused sim first.


    • Gagandeep Singh

      Raghu can u please tell me setting of 3G 

  • Raghu

    Hi kian,

    M not using a micro of my friend in h’bad got it from main bsnl office at Lakdikapul.

  • Sunisur Invst

    Trying to get FaceTime on my unlocked iPhone 4. I got it in Dubai. My carrier is vodafone which supports it. However there is no icon of FaceTime ,neither in settings. Pls help.

  • Manav nathani

    I have buyed an iphone 4 from usa with at&t contract and i want to use it in india…

    will i have 2 face any problem of network and related…?

  • Subbakrishna MV

    I have an iPhone4 not jailbroken. It’s working okay with Airtel 2G and
    3G. Does it work okay if I migrate to other service providers such as
    BSNL/Vodafone etc?

  • Sham

    Got a vodafone sim. How to cut it so I don’t have to buy a microsim??

  • Tusharsharma102

    i m planning to buy an unlocked iphone 4s from canada, all i want to know is that 

    will it work in india.I came to that there is some problem with the bandwidth.
    I dont know what it is, can anyone please help me????

  • Goutham

    i am going to but iphone 4s in us will it work in india,,,if else which one will wor in india with our local networks,,,pls reply me

  • Yashraj Joshi

    i have an at&t carrier locked iphone from US. can i use an at&t sim to activate the iphone in india. will it work…