Nokia N900 finally getting PR 1.2 Firmware Update today

Breaking news from MaemoArena , Nokia is finally rolling out the PR 1.2 firmware update for the Nokia N900. This update was leaked earlier and Nokia had issued a warning not to update using the unofficial source and that it could damage the device. This update brings tons of changes to the device and was eagerly awaited by the Maemo community . This update adds features like Portrait mode in Browser, Facebook IM supports, Email fixes, Skype Video Calling, Maps UI changes and lots more

Read the full details on MaemoArena

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Author: Varun Krish

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  • Manu

    Seriously is this day is for sorrow or cherishing for N900 owners !!! An update which was much awaited & finally its here. But it bring with itself a disaster news, which i believe very less N900 owners were like to hear i.e. N900 won’t get commercial Meego release.

    Now I want to know, the future plans of Nokia with N900 especially in relation to its release in India. Would Nokia follow imprints of Apple and release an obselete product or would take a dignified decision ?
    Btw, how many of you still want & purchase N900 knowing its future ?

    • Mark

      Hi Manu,

      Not to worry. You should understand that MeeGo is a community project now, and that Nokia will not commercially launch it, does not mean there will be no proper working version for N900. Actually, that project is already underway and Nokia is helping the community to get there. If you own a N900, you will be the first to have MeeGo working, as it is the reference device! It is only bad news for people who do not understand this 😉

      Most importantly however is that 1.2 has the latest Qt. Which means all MeeGo apps will run on N900, even with Maemo!

      No problem!

  • Manu

    Thanks for your hypothetical answer. Btw, I’m not buying your theory. In easy words to explain, everyone knows what linux based Maemo platform is capable of & it can certainly run multiple OS including Meego. Hence no one is questioning whether its can run apps developed on meego or not !
    I think you should read my comment & your reply again to understand that apprehension raised were pertaining more to morality, fair business attitude & respecting emotional aspect of trusted consumer.

  • Phalguna

    Mark said it right.

    N900 has all that features I need, I bought one in US, I am very happy. This new firwmare release is not on software update or air yet as of 26th India time 11AM. Hopefully will be available in a day.

    Nokia should release N900 in India soon and they can sell times more than the pieces sold elsewhere. Not sure why they are waiting!

  • itambose

    I’m in the UK on Vodafone. I got a Maemo update notification last night (25May). I tried to update via OTA but it said that I had to use Nokia Software Updater (NSU). I launched NSU and it told me there’s no new updates for my phone. Oh Nokia……….

    • Neufena

      At least you’ve got the OTA notification, I’m on Vodafone and haven’t even got that yet!

  • Jhenu

    Hello All,
    When I try to update my nokia N900 to the latest software update available it tries to update, says estimated time is 2 minutes and white screen appears on phone and disconnects the phone

    CURRENT VERSION :03.2010.02.8
    UPDATE VERSION: 10.2010.19.1

    The device remains connect via USB but still throws the same error. Any one please help
    N900 f@cked phone 🙁

  • i like this phone,,,