Mobile phones Travel fast than Electricity

I know this is a rare (read: impossible) phenomenon, but this has happened in the Kajrai village, which is 80 km from Sagar in Madhya Pradesh.

In this remote village people have mobile phones (impressive) but they don’t have electricity to charge them. The villagers are so mush into mobile phones that they travel a whooping 20 kms just to charge them. 30 to 40 people have mobile phones in this village and they don’t mind traveling 20kms just to charge them. Continue reading “Mobile phones Travel fast than Electricity”

Now the Idiot box on your Mobile courtesy Spice

Spice Telecom, One of Karnataka’s oldest mobile operators now plans to launch TV on mobile within the state. The service was test launched in Chandigarh, and is expected to be in operation in Karnataka shortly.

The service is part of Spice’ future plans to provide innovative products to its subscribers, Navin Kaul, CEO Spice Telecom, told reporters.

There would be about 12 channels available on Spice Mobile. The clarity and uninterrupted ness of the service remains to be seen.
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Microsoft Bolsters Mobile by entering mobile advertising space

Microsoft is entering the mobile advertising space. The move can be seen as an indication that Mobile is really getting big. Microsoft will now place banner ads on msn portals seen through mobile screens.

As of now Bank of America, Jaguar Cars, and Paramount pictures have been signed on as advertisers.

Since Microsoft launched the MSN Mobile platform in June, it has taken great pains to add content to enhance the browser-based, rich-media experience. Just last week, the company launched an astrology channel and added a spate of new ring tones, wallpapers, games and other content available for download on the portal, which by the way already sports a lot of features anyway!

Broadly, Microsoft’s mobile strategy consists of two parts: developed and developing markets. In areas falling in the first category, such as the United States, Japan and Europe, the software giant is looking to carry into mobile the usage patterns customers have developed for Microsoft products on their PCs. Continue reading “Microsoft Bolsters Mobile by entering mobile advertising space”

Stay connected to Football wherever you go with Star Sports Mobile

ESPN Star Sports has recently introduced Star Sports Mobile. It is a mobile
content service that is similar to Mobile ESPN that was launched
across multiple markets in Asia Pacific in May 2006. The service works
on WAP and can be downloaded from

Users of Star Sports Mobile will have access to exclusive chat sessions, video interviews, Java Games, ringtones,
wallpapers, match highlights, goals etc.

Most of the Content on Star Sports Mobile will revolve around the Arsenal and Liverpool Football Clubs. So if you are a fan then get signed on!

Manu Sawhney, Managing Director, ESPN Star Sports, said, “As Asia’s
leading sports broadcaster and content provider, we are focused on
serving the fan any time, any place via any device”

Arsenal and Liverpool enjoy a great fan following in Asia and they should expect to earn sizeable
revenues with this kind of service.

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Christmas will be merry for Farmers…Mobile Phone in 500 bucks!!!

We all know that recently mobile prices have come down to an extent that a common man can also easily afford it. Even an auto wala and vegetable vendor keeps a mobile phone and this actually is good because according to me technology should benefit people from all strata of the society. Continue reading “Christmas will be merry for Farmers…Mobile Phone in 500 bucks!!!”

Mobile content now in retail stores

Always on the look out for new content for your handset? Walk into “Media magic” and get new mobile content in three simple steps.

1. Select from an array of 500 movies (including several regional titles) and 5000 songs, loads of wallpapers and games
2. Pay
3. Get content downloaded on your handset


Alternatively, you can download the content through the touch-screen kiosks placed at Mobile Magic stores in the form of memory cards, which have to be bought only once and then can be used to refresh content. Continue reading “Mobile content now in retail stores”

Nokia Entertainment Study defines Next Episode in Entertainment

Nokia N Series carried out an entertainment study with the help of Future Laboratory. They call it the Entertainment Study. Nokia interviewed trendsetters from 17 different countries about their entertainment and digital lifestyle. This study also included India. Continue reading “Nokia Entertainment Study defines Next Episode in Entertainment”

Poll : Mobile Internet Usage in India

Hi Readers,

The Apple iPhone has increased the mobile internet usage in the USA and UK.

But in India its a different story ,  only a small percentage of mobile users use internet on their mobile phones.

We are running this poll titled “Do you use internet on your mobile phone ?”

We have kept the choices damn simple .. Just an yes or a no..

Do vote and ask  your friends to vote as well


2 Hot New Music Phones for music buffs

Music buffs across the world have two hot new models to grab, as Sony Ericsson and LG announced their latest models.

We bring you the inside information on both models as the expected Indian launch for both handsets is slated to be early 2008.

Sony Ericsson W890 Walkman Phone

Sony Ericsson launched its walkman model W880 a few months ago. It has now launched W890, its successor, with additional features. This handset is designed for entertainment and boasts features such as music, video, 3D games and high-speed web access.

We covered the handset a few weeks ago. For more pictures click here.



• W890i UMTS/HSDPA 2100, GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900
• 240×320 pixels
• 262K TFT, QVGA
• 28MB user free memory
• External memory- Up to 4GB with Memory Stick Micro (M2)
• Java™ Platform 8 (JP-8) Continue reading “2 Hot New Music Phones for music buffs”

MoDemo – a report

Modemo was a single day event held at Bangalore . You can see the announcement.
The event was held at the Airport Road office of ThoughtWorks International.
The folks behind MoMo Bangalore have put together this event.

About 20 Demos were presented.
The coolest part was meeting people who are doing / tracking mobile stuff.
The crowd comprised of a gentle mix of people from startups, hobbyists, product brands and the likes.

The event went on from 9am in the morning to about 6:15pm in the evening.
Rajan from MomoBangalore made the welcome speech and mentioned that the idea of a MoDeMo is inspired by a
similar event in the Silicon Valley. Continue reading “MoDemo — a report”

SPICE up your messages in your mother tongue

After Hinglish messages in T9 was launched, Spice Telecom has now launched a new service called the ‘Spice Local Lingo’.

With ‘Spice Local Lingo’ one can send SMS in twelve Indian languages that include Hindi, Kannada, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Assamese, Gujarati, Bengali and Urdu, in their script.

spice_local_lingo.jpg Continue reading “SPICE up your messages in your mother tongue”

Nokia India eyeing Gaming and Music download market

Nokia is already trying to strengthen its presence in the Internet services market and now, Nokia India Pvt. Ltd is all set to come up with services like gaming, music downloads and navigation (Some time back Nokia announced that out of the 30 devices Nokia is planning to launch next year, almost 10 would be GPS enabled, so expect few of this 10 to be launched in India now) for the Indian consumer. Nokia launched these services under the name of Ovi in UK. I hope they keep the same name for the Indian mobile users.

Nokia India’s Multimedia Business Director, Vineet Taneja says, “We have always been known as a mobile phone company but this year, we are entering the internet services space. Continue reading “Nokia India eyeing Gaming and Music download market”

13.6% US shuns landline. India crossed that bridge in 2004!

A survey conducted by National Health Interview Survey has indicated that 13.6% of all US households have done away with their landlines and are relying on their mobile phones as their sole means of communication/connection with friends and loved ones.

The survey has also revealed the following startling statistics:

• More than 30% of those aged 25-29 rely solely on mobile phones
• Almost 30% of those aged 18-24 shunned landlines
• 13% of adults in the 30-44 age group are landline-free
• About 7% of people 45-64 used only cellphones
• Only 2% of adults 65 and older shunned hardline telephones
• Men were more likely than women to be landline-free – a trend that has persisted throughout the years

As compared to the US, the penetration of mobile phones and users is far wider in India. Continue reading “13.6% US shuns landline. India crossed that bridge in 2004!”

Nokia launches N82 in India.


Finally the N Series superstar, the Nokia N82 is launched in India. This loaded gadget was launched almost a month back by Nokia with lot of hype and rumors surrounding it.

The N82 is Nokia’s way of saying, “This is what camera phones have become.” N82 will certainly sell like hot cakes in India, keeping in mind the hype surrounding its.
This gadget flaunts a 5 mega-pixel auto-focus camera with Xenon flash, first of its kind in a Nokia mobile phone. Nokia N82 is made for photography, Internet and navigation. The phone has 100 MB internal memory and can support a 2GB micro-SD card and has connectivity features like Wi-Fi, EDGE 3G with HSDPA, Bluetooth with A2DP and microUSB for PC connectivity. The highlight of this phone is motion sensing rotating screen, just like the iPhone.

This is what Vineet Taneja, Business Director, Multimedia, Nokia India, had to say about the “Next Episode in Entertainment” i.e. N82, “In addition to the high-end camera, the Nokia N82 also enables users to navigate and discover new places, enjoy their music, browse the web, play games, chat online and be part of the global web 2.0 community wherever they go. Thanks to the wireless broadband connectivity, convergence and its increased performance, the Nokia N82 is all people need in their pocket!”
N82 is priced at Rs. 28,379 in the Indian Market.

T9 goes local

Send messages in Hinglish as T9 will now be available in Hinglish.


Supplied by Nuance Communications, the software offers advanced alphabetic input prediction in Hinglish. Mobile phone and PDA users will now be able to write SMS text messages, mobile instant messages, and wireless emails in a language that is a popular mode of communication in India.

T9 in Hinglish joins the T9 versions in Japanese, Chinese and Korean developed by Tegic Communications, which was taken over by Nuance in August this year.

The launch of Hinglish T9 is also momentous in more ways than one.

On December 3rd, SMS turned 15. It was 15 years ago that the first SMS was sent. It has been a long journey since then..with SMSs becoming the most popular tool for communication. Billions of SMSs are sent worldwide!

Will the Hinglish T9 feature make communication easier and fun for you?

Via: Techtree