Video : Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-505

The Nokia BH-505 is a Bluetooth Stereo Headset which brings a totally new design to Nokia’s Bluetooth accessories range. It weighs only 36 grams and fits nicely behind your ear. Its sweat and splash resistant so you can wear it bravely during your daily trip to the  gym or while jogging


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Nokia Music Store – Delhi Blogger Meet

11th September saw Nokia organize a Blogger Meet for the launch of its Music Store in India. Jasmeet Gandhi, Head Devices OPM and Services, India was there to give us a brief overview of what Nokia Music Store is and how this is the next step of music delivery to millions of people.

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Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-905 The Flagship Headset from Nokia

We have all in the past heard about the flagship phones from Nokia and all of those have been covered here on Fonearena but about two and a half months ago Nokia had announced a new stereo bluetooth headset-The BH-905. Nokia had called this headset a Flagship headset. So to check out what makes this headset different from their earlier products that this has been given the flagship status we checked out the product sites and thought to share this with you as BH-905 can be a great accessory with your mobile phone or that matter any portable device having A2DP bluetooth support or a 3.5mm plugin jack. Continue reading “Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-905 The Flagship Headset from Nokia”

Nokia To Launch Music Store In India by Year End

Nokia plans to launch its online music store in India by the end of this year. Nokia has already started testing its Music store.

Nokia plans to launch its online music store in India by the end of  this year. Nokia has already started testing its Music store has already gone live


“Right now our own people are testing the site, and we will go live as scheduled in the second half of this year,” a spokeswoman for Nokia. Also, the accessibility to the music store will be available only through vouchers, which will be given to the users when they buy a new handset or any other equipment from Nokia. Continue reading “Nokia To Launch Music Store In India by Year End”

Protect Your iPhone’s Look and Improve Camera Quality with Clarifi


Do you own Apple’s iPhone or thinking to get one but you are disappointed with the camera quality of the phone? Or do you want to protect your phone from scratches- then Griffin’s Clarifi is a pretty good option available for you. It is an exterior casing for the Apple iPhone with an inbuilt lens that can clarify the camera quality of the most loved phone – Apple iPhone. Continue reading “Protect Your iPhone’s Look and Improve Camera Quality with Clarifi”

ASUS P835 Touchscreen business phone in India

ASUS announced the launch of the P835, its touchscreen PDA for the Indian market yesterday.

Powered by Windows Mobile 6.1 OS, this handset has a 5 megapixel camera and boasts of a WVGA resolution for its 3.5 inch touchscreen.

The WVGA resolution offers five times the number of pixels of most phones and delivers the best document, photo, movie and website viewing experience possible.  The handset also comes loaded with an improved version of the ASUS proprietary glide user interface.

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Philips Tapster

Philips Tapster

The name should reveal it all. Though Philips is not very prominent in the Indian Scenario, they are really very good in technology aspects. Philips is actually a technology leader when it comes to Audio and the Green technology. And they are also known for their exceedingly high capacity batteries and reliable low featured focussed phones. Coming to the post , as the name suggests yes and as the picture shows we are talking about Philips latest Bluetooth Headset. So what is peculiar, lot of them are being made from almost everyone including Nokia, Samsung, SE, Iqua, etc. So what is its speciality. Continue reading “Philips Tapster”

Nokia N79 now in India redefining cool !

Nokia N79 is another phone from the Nokia N series, after N85 made its way earlier and this one is a combination of intelligence and customizable design with a fully-loaded multimedia device.

The Nokia N79 is THE handset for music buffs. The handset comes preloaded with ‘Anthems 1998-2008’, a compilation of 19 all-time favourite classic club songs and 17 new age music videos, presented by the Ministry of Sound…only for the Indian market.

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Exclusive Nokia N78 Sports Tracker video review

There is a lot you can do with your Nokia N78. The Sports Tracker is just one of them.

With the Sports Tracker you can map your activity (such as cycling, walking, driving, running etc) through the GPS and position it on Nokia Map. While the activity is ‘on’ you can take pictures that will get tagged on to your route.

This amazing feature will allow you to track your movement in any part of the world on a map (all the while noting details such as speed, altitude, latitude, longitude etc) that you can share with your friends and even other travel enthusiasts such as yourself.

The Sports Tracker therefore is your very own, personal travel map with a photo album thrown in! It is just AMAZING!!!!

Watch the videos to understand the expanse of this feature that Nokia offers ‘simply’ without too much publicity and grandeur.

Part I


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SanDisk Announces World’s Largest Mobile Phone Memory Card Capacity With 16GB MicroSDHC & M2

SanDisk Corporation has announced the release of its 16GB microSDHC and Memory Stick Micro (M2) mobile memory cards – the world’s largest removable storage capacity for mobile phones.

SanDisk Announces World's Largest Mobile Phone Memory Card Capacity With 16GB MicroSDHC & M2

The fingernail-sized 16GB memory cards allow consumers to utilize the many storage-intensive features offered by today’s portable handsets such as music and video playback, high-definition digital camera functions, gaming and GPS applications. In addition to mobile phones, consumers can use the 16GB microSDHC card in a multitude of other devices, including video cameras, GPS receivers or MP3 players with a microSD slots such as SanDisk’s Sansa players. Continue reading “SanDisk Announces World’s Largest Mobile Phone Memory Card Capacity With 16GB MicroSDHC & M2”

LG KP199 launched in India

LG launched KP199, a candy bar phone with music capabilities for budget buyers.


• FM radio
• Music player
• Bluetooth connectivity
• Anti Theft Mobile Tracker

Anti Theft Mobile Tracker

If the phone is lost or stolen and the finder tries to insert any other SIM, the phone automatically sends out messages on two pre-stored numbers, and the receivers will know the location and the number of the SIM inserted in the phone. Apart from this the phone sends the messages to the two numbers after every 12 hours or whenever the phone is used. Continue reading “LG KP199 launched in India”

Nokia launches two high end handsets Nokia N79 and N85

Nokia launched 2 new handsets the Nokia N79 and N85.

The N79 is a candy bar handset where as the N85 is a dual slider much like the N95.

Touted to be a multimedia phone, the handset comes with changeable back covers in five colours: Light Sea Blue, Espresso Brown, Olive Green, White and Coral Red.

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LG KC 550 – 5 MP camera for a budgeted price

LG is out with a new 5 megapixel camera phone – the KC550. The handset is just 14mm thick.

It has a Schneider-Kreuznach auto-focus optics with an Image stabilizer.

This slider is a Tri-Band handset that comes quite well equipped for various media functions like a media player, FM radio, video and image editors and even motion sensitive games that work with the KC550’s integrated accelerometer sensor. Continue reading “LG KC 550 – 5 MP camera for a budgeted price”

3M mini-projector making a device debut

We told you about 3M developing a small projector, which will enlarge an image from a mobile phone, notebook or any hand held electronic device, and projects it on a large scale onto a wall or floor. This will help you in giving presentations without the hassles of carrying projector or arranging for one. Continue reading “3M mini-projector making a device debut”

IBM massive strage technology for phones

Mobile phones today are the called the Swiss knives of the technology world. They have everything right from a camera to a music editing software. The functions that are available on today’s mobile phones are unlimited, the only thing that is unlimited is the memory. Though there are many phone is the market that can carry up to 16 gigs of data and some might be coming in the next 2 to 3 months that will cary more than that like the iPhone 32 GB. But thats all, todays phones need to have memory that is massive to carry all your music and multimedia files and a battery life to support that memory. May be IBM was working on this and not they are working on a mobile storage technology that can store ten times the dat that is stored today on a normal mobile phone and also enhance the battery life. IBM’s racetrack technology will be able to store information inside the walls of the silicon wafers…cool. So once this memory commercializes it will be the death of PMP’s cause whey anybody will buy a PMP when you have a mobile phone with IBM’s racetrack technology.