LG G4 apparently facing touchscreen issues on some units


Apparently, a lot of users are facing issues with the touchscreen on the LG G4. Users of the device on the xda forums have created threads and posts where they explain the issues they are facing in detail.

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Manually update your HTC Vivid to ICS

There was this rumor going on yesterday that the HTC Vivid from AT&T is going to receive the much awaited Android 4.0 update, but AT&T officially announced that this update is still not ready to roll out, and will not be updating the devices today. But some Vivid users were successful in updating their devices manually, read more to figure out how.

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HTC Mazaa leaked, hitting Sprint this year

Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7 last year, which is a successor to Windows Mobile 6.5 and if you compare both operating systems, then Windows Phone 7 is completely different and a refreshed version. WP7 is growing slowly and Gartner predicted that it will be the second leading mobile OS by 2015 after Android. When it was launched, HTC also announced their first ever WP7 devices, and at the moment they are offering a good line up of it. As HTC recently announced HTC Sensation which is an Android powered handset, it looks like HTC is now paying their full attention towards WP7. XDA-developers has posted the first leaked shots of a WP7 phone which is codenamed as HTC Mazaa and it’s rumored to hit Sprint in next 6 months. Continue reading “HTC Mazaa leaked, hitting Sprint this year”

Windows Phone 7 running on HTC HD2

HTC HD2 owners were waiting for the Windows Phone 7  update for their device, but HTC crushed their dreams by saying that HTC HD2 will not be upgraded to the new Windows Phone 7 OS, but don’t worry because there are hackers out there who know that HD2 is capable enough to run WP7. So XDA China ported WP7 into the HTC HD2, and you can also see the image above in which the HD2 is running Wp7, and after the break, you will see a proper video of HTC HD2 running WP7. Continue reading “Windows Phone 7 running on HTC HD2”