HTC Mazaa leaked, hitting Sprint this year

Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7 last year, which is a successor to Windows Mobile 6.5 and if you compare both operating systems, then Windows Phone 7 is completely different and a refreshed version. WP7 is growing slowly and Gartner predicted that it will be the second leading mobile OS by 2015 after Android. When it was launched, HTC also announced their first ever WP7 devices, and at the moment they are offering a good line up of it. As HTC recently announced HTC Sensation which is an Android powered handset, it looks like HTC is now paying their full attention towards WP7. XDA-developers has posted the first leaked shots of a WP7 phone which is codenamed as HTC Mazaa and it’s rumored to hit Sprint in next 6 months. XDA is saying that it’s possible that this device is first ever WP7 world phone, because the IMEI number is telling them that the device comes with GSM capabilities, so may be Sprint customers will see a first world phone soon. If you don’t know what is a world phone, then let me tell you that world phone is a phone that offers multi band i.e. this device is capable to run on either GSM or CDMA.

About the specs, it’s running WP7 obviously, a faster DDR2 memory, 3.7 inch touchscreen display, and a camera with LED flash. That’s all we know at the moment about the device. So Sprint folks, are you looking forward to this device or you are waiting for Nokia WP7 device?