Nokia Siemens Networks completes acquistion of Motorola Solutions

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Nokia today announced that Nokia Siemens Networks has finally completed the acquisition of Motorola Solutions after winning approval from Chinese regulators last week.The deal which was first announced in July 2010 had run into a lot of roadblocks and looks like Motorola has reduced the price of deal from $1.2 billion to $975 million

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Benq mobile will be gone, attempts to find buyer fail

Reports suggest that Benq mobile will freeze operations as attempts to find a buyer have failed.It had applied for Bankruptcy protection sometime back.Mounting losses and lack of market share are blamed for the move. Benq had acquired the mobile division from Siemens about 2 years back.

Dunno if there was a market for these phones. I have never seen one here in India atleast.

Benq Mobile R.I.P

BenQ-Siemens launch first handsets: EF81, S68, & S88

BenQ Mobile today said it will focus on 3G and multimedia as its ships new handsets this year under the BenQ-Siemens brand.

According to engadget
It’s not exactly breaking hallowed ground at this point, but today BenQ-Siemens finally launched three three new devices — the EF81, S68, and S88 — thereby culminating in product form their acquisition/merger last year. Not surprisingly, the BS (we can call them that, can’t we?) EF81 is 0.6-inch thick 3G RAZR-competitor with a 1.3-inch 120 x 160 external display, and a 2.2-inch 262k color internal QVGA display, as well as 64MB RAM and MicroSD. The S68 is slightly less interesting with a 1.8-inch 132 x 176 display, Bluetooth, USB, EDGE, and 8MB of memory; the S88 (the black device above) at least features a two megapixel camera in addition to its 2-inch 176 x 220 262k color OLED display, MicroSD, and Bluetooth, though it only supports GPRS. So essentially the only phone you or we or anyone else will probably care anything about is the EF81, which is due to ship in March (where and for how much we don’t yet know)

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