Samsung Fascinate Review

Here is the FoneArena Samsung Fascinate Review

2010 could easily be dubbed the year of the Galaxy S, releasing a version on almost all carriers in North American and abroad. Verizon networks released a version on their network called the Fascinate boasting many of the same properties of the rest of the Galaxy S lineup but has a handful to call it’s own. Having spent ample time with the device let’s get started talking about what makes it special, helping you decide if this is the device for you. Continue reading “Samsung Fascinate Review”

Amazon offering Samsung Fascinate for $0.01, only for new customers

Who wants a phone on a contract for only a penny? I know everyone does. Amazon is offering some phones for only 1 penny like the HTC Aria and Xperia X10. But if you are looking for an Android phone on Verizon which is good enough to blow you away, then you better look at the Continue reading “Amazon offering Samsung Fascinate for $0.01, only for new customers”

The overview of Samsung Galaxy S family [Video]

Samsung recently announced the Samsung Galaxy S series of smartphones on all national US carriers and selected US regional carriers (US Cellular, Cellular South), and Samsung is feeling very proud of it. Samsung uploaded a video on Youtube which is embedded below, in which you’ll see the overview of  Samsung Galaxy S line. Continue reading “The overview of Samsung Galaxy S family [Video]”