Pushbullet introduces optional Pro account – Costs US$39.99 per year


Pushbullet has now rolled out an optional Pro account that will give such users access to additional features that aren’t found on the regular account. This will be a premium service that users will have to pay for.

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Premium section on App Store to sort applications

Apple is going to create a Premium section on the App Store.

The App store currently has over 15,000 applications and above 500,000,000 downloads, making looking for a particular software a tedious task.

What Apple now proposes to do is that of the several developers, it’s being rumored that the game development companies will be given preference for the ‘Premium’ section of the App Store.

This move also comes close on the heels of Apple’s announcement of the new OS 3.0. Perhaps applications of the new operating system will figure in the new section, making searches easy for the end user.

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Gold Nokia 8800 Arte coming in 2008

Nokia showed the Art of Seduction by launching the Nokia 8800 Arte and Sapphire. These premium handsets are aimed at the elite and style conscious consumers. 24ct_Nokia_8800_arte_with_logo.jpg

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