MTS Expands its Presence in Kolkata


MTS, also known as the million minutes talk time operator has started offering its services in Kolkata. Since long, the launch of MTS in Kolkata circle was awaited and finally now, the news is official.

During the launch, the company official said that MTS aims to gradually spread its coverage across the country. Continue reading “MTS Expands its Presence in Kolkata”

Sprint: Palm Pre to be launched on June 6th for $200

Calling all palm pre lovers there. Finally, the celebration time has come and Sprint has officially announced the launch of Palm Pre and, as said earlier, the launch date is June 6th and also the price is fixed to be $200 with 2 years service contract. Continue reading “Sprint: Palm Pre to be launched on June 6th for $200”

What Will be the Fate of 3G services in India?

3g 3G Telecom Services- One of the most hyped and most talked term in the field of mobiles and telecommunications using which a mobile phone user can experience seamless data transfer of upto 2-8 MBPS. If you have a 3G and Video calls supported handset, you can even make video calls to a compatible device without the hassle to think about using Webcam and sitting behind your laptop or computer screens once you have 3G services activated.

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After Bangalore, Aircel Rolls Out its Services In Hyderabad!

Aircel Recently, Aircel rolled out its services in many parts of the county including Bangalore and assured many of its customers that, its services would soon be rolled out across the country so that its customers can seamlessly roam on its network.

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Is Apple iPhone Nano coming soon

Rumours are rife about the launch of a smaller version of the iPhone called the Nano in the near future…some speculate as early as Q4 of 2008 (which ends in March 2009).

It is also predicted by these analysts that the Nano will be cheaper than the iPhone.

According to Kevin Chang, a JP Morgan analyst based in Taiwan, Apple is actually looking to “launch a cheaper version of the iPhone in the fourth quarter that could be based on its iPod Nano music player.”

Now this is good news for Indian mobile lovers. Considering the hype surrounding India as one of the fastest developing mobile markets in the world, it can be assumed that the Nano (if launched) will make it to Indian markets soon. Continue reading “Is Apple iPhone Nano coming soon”