Windows Mobile 6.5 Coming on May 11

windows-mobile-65a The whole blogosphere is talking about Windows Mobile 6.5 and its hard even for us to wait longer to see Windows mobile 6.5 go live on our devices.

According to reports and information leaked from the guys at Microsoft, they are planning to launch Windows Mobile 6.5 on 11th of the coming month. Even, we at fonearena are quite optimistic about the launch date as it is the time when Microsoft’s TechEd 2009 conference is going to be held.

So, its just matter of time that will let us upgrade ourselves to Windows Mobile 6.5.

Author: Deepak

As Deepak says - he is a die hard mobile freak and can hardly keep himself away from his mobiles. His passion for mobiles led him to an interview at India's popular news channel. He also blogs at