HTC releases Zoe (Beta) app for select Android smartphones


HTC introduced Zoe with the first HTC One smartphone last year. Now the company has released Zoe (Beta) app for select non-HTC devices running Android 4.4 (KitKat) as it promised earlier this week. This collaborative video editing application that lets you create, remix and share videos easily. Continue reading “HTC releases Zoe (Beta) app for select Android smartphones”

Hands on with the HTC One

HTC have been having a rough couple of quarters to say the least. Falling marketshare, dwindling margins and revenue, vanishing stock price compounded by a domineering samsung in the Android space has been hard on them. Yet, they’ve managed to release top device after top device, all to find that the market hasn’t been as taken by their devices as the technology media have. The HTC One, launched today is their attempt to change all that.  Continue reading “Hands on with the HTC One”