Three UK launching HTC Sensation next month?

Last month, HTC announced their new flagship device which is known as HTC Sensation. HTC Sensation is HTC’s first ever dual-core device, it seems to be an amazing device and it’s actually HTC’s answer to devices like Samsung Galaxy S II and Optimus 2X. HTC Sensation was recently launched by Vodafone in UK, and other UK carriers like Orange UK, T-Mobile UK and Three UK are also gearing up to launch it. Continue reading “Three UK launching HTC Sensation next month?”

HTC Sensation 4G sign-up page now live

HTC Sensation 4G is a new smartphone which was announced by HTC this month. Sensation is HTC’s first device to come with a dual-core processor. It’s an amazing looking device and HTC answer to devices like Samsung Galaxy S II, Atrix 4G and Optimus 2X. T-Mobile USA is launching it in USA and Vodafone will be the first one to officially launch this device next month in UK. Now it looks like the time is near and HTC will be launching it soon because HTC has officially launched the sign-up page for the HTC Sensation. Continue reading “HTC Sensation 4G sign-up page now live”

HTC Pyramid leaked again, specs confirmed

Back in February, we heard about the HTC Pyramid very first time and we told you that it will be HTC next flagship device. A few days ago, we show you the first shots of it in which we saw that the phone comes with a pretty good design. Well the last shots were a little blurry, but this time we got some good shots of it and also some important information, credit goes to xda-developers. Continue reading “HTC Pyramid leaked again, specs confirmed”

HTC Event on April 12 , new devices ?

When HTC launched new devices at MWC, we were expecting that they will also launch the HTC Pyramid, which is a dual-core phone and comes with some good features. Then CTIA came but still no sign of it but now it looks like they are getting ready to launch it because they are holding a press event in London,UK on 12 April.

Continue reading “HTC Event on April 12 , new devices ?”

HTC Pyramid caught in wild, hitting T-Mobile and Sprint?

HTC recently announced several new Android devices at the Mobile World Congress, and they all seem to be good. But we told you back in February that HTC have something big up their sleeves. HTC is cooking a phone codenamed as HTC Pyramid, which is an Android powered phone and will come with a lot of great features. Continue reading “HTC Pyramid caught in wild, hitting T-Mobile and Sprint?”

HTC launching dual-core phone Pyramid ?

2010 was a very wonderful year for mobile phones because we have observed that how much mobile technology and industry improved. In the beginning of 2010, we saw phones with 800 MHz processor, and now there are phones with dual-core processors, and in few more months or may be later this year, we may see a phone with quad-core processor. Continue reading “HTC launching dual-core phone Pyramid ?”