Nuance introduces support for ‘Hinglish’ language in Swype

Most Android users have tried and tested the Swype keyboard which relies on quite literally swiping your fingers across the on-screen keyboard. It uses adaptive learning capabilities and smart algorithms to type out the current word and more. Nuance today announced that keeping in mind the Indian market where users tend to mix English and Hindi while messaging, they’ve worked on a special ‘Hinglish’ keyboard. The keyboard has a dictionary of several thousand words which are often used including chai, paani, desi, garam, masti, jungli amongst others.

In addition, the application is much smarter than before due to its added capabilities like Next Word Prediction and Multi-Modal Keyboard which are detailed below.

T9 goes local

Send messages in Hinglish as T9 will now be available in Hinglish.


Supplied by Nuance Communications, the software offers advanced alphabetic input prediction in Hinglish. Mobile phone and PDA users will now be able to write SMS text messages, mobile instant messages, and wireless emails in a language that is a popular mode of communication in India.

T9 in Hinglish joins the T9 versions in Japanese, Chinese and Korean developed by Tegic Communications, which was taken over by Nuance in August this year.

The launch of Hinglish T9 is also momentous in more ways than one.

On December 3rd, SMS turned 15. It was 15 years ago that the first SMS was sent. It has been a long journey since then..with SMSs becoming the most popular tool for communication. Billions of SMSs are sent worldwide!

Will the Hinglish T9 feature make communication easier and fun for you?

Via: Techtree