Huawei Honor 6 Unboxing and First Impressions


Last week Huawei unveiled their latest attempt to crack the European market; dubbed the Honor 6, it’s something different from Huawei’s usual handsets and unlike the Ascend range, the Honor 6 (and presumably future devices in the range) do not come with Huawei branding. The Chinese manufacturer has previously suffered bad publicity in the UK and Europe – over allegations that it sends user data back to servers in China that the Chinese government can access – and the Honor 6 is designed to offer the complete Huawei package without any negative stigma attached.

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Nokia Lumia 720 hands on impressions – Sleek, sexy and youthful

The Nokia Lumia 720 was part of the new effort from Nokia to launch an attack on the fledgling mid range smartphone market. With the Lumia 620 already attacking a lower mid level pricing, there was still a massive gap between the 620 and the 820, and that is now filled by the Lumia 720. The Lumia 720 in short is very sleek, sexy and youthful. That description might apply to most of the Lumia devices but it is perfectly apt for the Lumia 720 and you’ll know why soon, when you read our hands on impressions after the break. But, before that, don’t forget to watch our quick hands on look at the Lumia 720 right here –


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