Nokia C2-06 spotted on official website , launching soon ?

We just spotted the rumoured Nokia C2-06 in a official blog post about IPv6 on the Nokia blog. The handset was leaked in April with pics and is rumoured to be a S40 Touch and Type Dual SIM phone from Nokia.While the source does not talk about the device , the phone in the image has the letters C2 on the top left confirming previous rumours. We reviewed the X3-02 which is the first Touch and Type phone from the handset maker . Continue reading “Nokia C2-06 spotted on official website , launching soon ?”

Nokia says that it’s finally shipping the C2-00 Dual SIM phone

nokia c2 shipping

Nokia has today announced that it’s finally shipping the Dual SIM C2-00 this quarter in markets such as India, China, Africa and Brazil which are developing markets. We got our hands on the phone at CommunicAsia in June 2010 and we don’t know what took Nokia so long to get this phone out in the market when the likes of Micromax and Karbonn churn out new Dual SIM phones every month. Continue reading “Nokia says that it’s finally shipping the C2-00 Dual SIM phone”

Nokia C2-06 Dual SIM Touch and Type Phone Leaked

The folks from Hackintosh India have got their hands on the Nokia C2-06 which is a Dual SIM Touch and Type phone. While the exterior of the phone mentions only C0-00 like most Nokia prototypes , the bluetooth menu reveals the name of the device as the C2-06. We can confirm the Dual-SIM functionality as we can see signal indicators in the homescreen. Continue reading “Nokia C2-06 Dual SIM Touch and Type Phone Leaked”

Nokia launches Dual SIM phones C1 and C2 in India

Nokia has FINALLY launched it’s first Dual SIM phones in India  in an event at Delhi today. The C1-00 and C2-00 support usage of multiple SIM cards. It’s interesting that Nokia India managed to get hold of a couple of Models who are identical Twins Continue reading “Nokia launches Dual SIM phones C1 and C2 in India”

Exclusive : Nokia C2 Live Pics !

Nokia announced the C2 earlier this month in Africa. It’s actually the C2-00 and infact finally a Dual SIM phone from Nokia. We had the chance to play with this device at Nokia Connection 2010.You might have heard of the term Dual SIM Dual Standby which means that both SIMs stay active at any point of time. One SIM card sits beneath the battery and the 2nd SIM is hot-swappable via slot in the side. Continue reading “Exclusive : Nokia C2 Live Pics !”

Nokia C2 Dual-SIM Phone Announced

The Nokia C2 is the second Dual-SIM handset from Nokia today, after the Nokia C1-00. The Nokia C2 can use both the SIM cards simultaneously. That means you can receive and make calls, messages etc on both the numbers without switching from one to the other.

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Nokia C2 is C5 with a Rotating Keyboard

UPDATE : Nokia C2 is a Dual SIM Phone

Remember we saw a leaked image from a presentation about the Nokia C2 ? Now the same italian site has manged to put a much more credible image of the C2. It looks much more believable now although it’s still classified as a rumor . Looking at the new image the C2 seems like a  C5 at first but its got a rotating keyboard.

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Nokia C2 Leaked

UPDATE: The information is in this article is now not accurate

C2 is released as a Dual SIM phone

A new Nokia handset called the Nokia C2 has been leaked on an Italian website.  The main features include a 2 Megapixel Camera 240×320 pixels display and a unique rotation feature as seen in this photograph which seems to be taken during a product presentation.

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