Nvidia details the 64-bit Tegra K1 “Denver”, promises PC-class performance

NVIDIA Tegra K1 variants

Nvidia announced their latest mobile chipset Tegra K1, sometime in January. This new chip, with its 192 core Kepler GPU was touted to be one of the best when it comes to gaming. We have started to see the results in devices like the Nvidia Shield Tablet and the Xiaomi Mi Pad, but announced alongside the normal 32-bit Quad Core K1 was the Dual Core 64-bit chip codenamed “Denver”. The 64-bit variant has now been detailed by Nvidia, and they say, with its high single core throughput, the chip will be able to offer PC-class performance on mobile, while sipping lesser power than usual. The company has also said that the chip will be ready for Android L, which will make things interesting.

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Huawei introduces its first 64bit octa-core SoC

Huawei CEO, Richard Yu, took to Chinese micro-blogging site, Weibo, to announce the company’s new offerings in the mobile processor segment. The new chipsets includes two octa core chips and a quad core SoC.


The quad core chipset is manufactured using a 28nm process and will include ARM A9 cores. We expect this chipset to be aimed towards the upper mid range handsets. Continue reading “Huawei introduces its first 64bit octa-core SoC”

Intel to make 64 bit ARM chips starting next year

Intel Quark SoC

Intel is gearing up to start making 64 bit ARM chips starting next year. Before you jump to conclusions, do know that Intel is planning to fabricate 64 bit ARM chips for its partner Altera, signaling a huge wave of change for the company. It is very well known that Intel is struggling in its mobile business, only recently making strides with the Clovertrail and Baytrail SoCs, and they are all based on the x86 architecture. Intel does not only make its own chips, it does fabrication for other companies too, like Altera for example. The current market leader for ARM fabrication is undoubtedly TSMC, which does fabrication for most companies from Nvidia to Qualcomm. So, in perfect sense, Intel is now a competitor to TSMC rather than Qualcomm or Nvidia.

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Apple iPad Air with a new thin and light design and A7 64 bit processor announced


Apple has just announced the refresh to its iPad lineup with the new iPad Air and the iPad mini with retina display. The iPad Air not just gains a new name, it also gains a new thin and light design. Learning from the engineering of its own iPad mini, the iPad Air loses a lot of weight to weigh just a pound, while thinning down its bezels and overall thickness to just 7.5 mm. The iPad Air also looks a lot like the iPad mini in terms of the design language with beautifully rounded corners, chamfered edges and a smooth finish for the back. The internals also gain a generational boost with the new A7 64 bit processor that debuted on the iPhone 5s. Apple marks a 72x increase in graphics performance when compared to the original iPad which makes things interesting.

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