Nokia Lumia 520 Review

For users looking at smartphones in the budget segment, clunky and underpowered Android phones have been the only option till now. Sure, Nokia had a few Windows Phone 7 devices too but the OS was half baked and it was pretty hard to recommend them to users.


While Nokia has primarily pushed its Asha range or the older Lumia 510 in the budget segment, the launch of the Lumia 520 at Mobile World Congress means that they now have a solid smartphone contender in the category. Great hardware and an OS that is finally worthy of being called a smartphone OS means that the Nokia Lumia 520 is a solid contender in the budget segment. Does it stand a chance against the barrage of cheap Chinese rebranded smartphones ? Read on to find out. Continue reading “Nokia Lumia 520 Review”

Nokia Lumia 520 Unboxing

Nokia announced its new entry level smartphone, the Lumia 520, at Mobile World Congress where we spent some time with it. We’ve finally got our hands on a review unit of the same. While we put it through its paces, here’s a quick unboxing and hardware walkthrough for your perusal.

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Nokia Lumia 520 coming soon to India


The Nokia Lumia 520 which got announced at MWC 2013 might be coming soon to India. According to a store listing on Nokia India’s shop , the Lumia 520 is listed as coming soon.The Lumia 520 is expected to be launched at a very competitive price as it is dubbed as an affordable Windows Phone.It packs a 4 inch display and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor.It runs on Windows Phone 8.

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