Facebook Q4 2013 results out, mobile advertising accounts for 53% revenues

Facebook Home on HTC One X
Facebook released its financial results for Q4 2013 today and the numbers show a steady rise. The extremely popular social network posted revenues to the tune of $2.59 billion compared to $1.59 billion last year. This beat analyst predictions that were aiming at revenues of $2.33 billion. 

The most important part of the report however was that mobile contributes to 53 percent of Facebook’s advertising revenues. This also explains their continued foray into diversification on the mobile front. With over 945 million monthly active users from mobile alone, numbers look very strong for the company. All in all, the social network has 1.2 billion monthly active users with 745million users accessing the social network daily. Facebook plans to introduce a range of standalone mobile apps that will tie into a Facebook ecosystem of sorts. While Home proved to be a failure in this regard, Facebook Messenger has set a precedent by being a particularly slick app and we’re excited to see what else the company pulls out of its hat.

Author: Dhruv Bhutani

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