Nokia connecting with Facebook??


Facebook is a social networking sire launched in the year 2004. It became very popular with users who were bored of using Orkut and wanted something new. Today Facebook is very popular, especially among users. Paid Content has reported that Nokia and Facebook might enter in some kind of deal. They say that the news is confirmed by their “sources”.

It is reported that Nokia will offer Facebook as default service on Nokia Phones and in return Nokia will acquire stake in Facebook. Facebook is already popular and same is the case with Nokia. These two companies, joining hands, will definitely have a positive impact on their growth. But many industry experts say that this is just a rumor. Even I also feel like that because, if they are entering into some kind of contract with Facebook, then why didn’t they do this with Orkut, which is immensely popular, especially in the emerging markets; the main target market for Nokia. One more reason is Nokia already has its MOSH, which is also popular..then why Facebook???

If this deal goes through then, it will be certainly a win-win relationship for both the companies. Also, with the kind of applications that are there in Facebook, I think Nokia will only make it available on its high-end multimedia handsets and smart phones, even executives need some break man!!!

[Via: Techcrunch]

Author: Team FoneArena

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