Rise of Nokia Lumia 520, the world’s most popular Windows Phone


It has been just four months since the Nokia Lumia 520 started rolling out in various parts of the world, especially India, but it has already taken the top spot as the world’s most popular Windows Phone, according to recently released statistics from Ad Duplex, a Windows specific ad-platform company that claims to be installed on most Windows Phones inside third party apps. Anonymously, they usually collect data and release it every month, but this time, it’s something special. It is all about how the Lumia 520 dominated the Windows Phone marketshare in most countries, including India, to become the most loved Windows Phone in the world.

Having released monthly statistics, the Ad Duplex folks themselves are shocked by the rapid rise of the Nokia Lumia 520 in terms of global share as well as in specific countries, for example, India.


In just four months, the Lumia 520 has gone from nothing to the most popular Windows Phone model in India, and that speaks volumes about how cheap and value for money devices sell here. As the AdDuplex guys themselves put it –

We usually try to interchange countries from month to month but the rise of Lumia 520 in India is too fascinating to ignore. From the really impressive 20.8% last month it went to mind-blowing 31.3% this time around. Looks like Nokia India has a winner on their hands.

It is also very surprising to note that the Lumia 620, which was not at as highly marketed as the other devices by Nokia India, is the second most selling smartphone in India. The Lumia 720 is at third, and this clearly means that Windows Phone 8 is being preferred, but devices like the Lumia 710 and Lumia 610 still have a share but are not selling as well as the WP8 devices, obviously. It is also funny to note that the 820 and the 920 have been relegated to a much lower position, and that explains the market somewhat. People are not that willing to go for higher end devices, especially Nokia’s higher end devices. This might change with the Nokia Lumia 1020 with a good pricing, lets see.

There are other interesting statistics from Ad Duplex regarding Windows Phone market share in terms of version and in terms of manufacturers. It is obvious that Nokia rules the roost in terms of OEMs and glad to notice that Windows Phone 8 has already gone past WP7 in terms of marketshare. But that has been the case for some time. Is windows Phone 8 finally gaining traction? What will Nokia’s results be, at their July 18th 2Q13 quarterly results? We can’t wait to find out. In case you are interested in numbers and seeing how Windows Phone has fared in the other parts of the world, check the source link below. Another graph, on the rise of the no. of app installations on the Lumia 520 –


Note: The statistics are based on app installations, which support the ad duplex platform. Since the platform is free, most third party apps have it implemented, and hence the huge amount of data for the Ad Duplex guys to work out the statistics, which are not exact marketshare data but percentage wise, really close.

Source AdDuplex

Author: Bharadwaj Chandramouli

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