Waterproof Coating of Soldiers now for Gadgets

Sony Ericsson filed a patent for a casing, which is waterproof and will help camera photographers to use their cameras to click photos underwater. But just imagine your beautifully designed cell phone getting a bulky look once its goes inside this casing.

A company called P2i, which uses technology from the Defense Science and Technology Lab in England is making an effort to bring waterproofing to today’s mobile handsets and other gadgets. They have come up with an invisible waterproofing layer called Ion-Mask, which when bonded with the devices makes them waterproof. The best part, which I liked in this coating is that, it is invisible and nobody can see it. By the way this technology was earlier developed for soldier uniforms so you now know how reliable and durable it can be. Engadget Mobile said that 3 biggies of the mobile handset industry are planning to come up with phones, which will have this casing. I am damn sure one has to be  Nokia and the other Sony Ericsson don’t know about the third, but according to me, as Sony Ericsson has already filed patent for waterproof casing, chances of them going for this technology, look weak. What say???

Author: Team FoneArena

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