The Nokia Booklet 3g and its price speculations…

From the time when Nokia announced Booklet 3G, speculations are rife about the price that it shall be launched in the market. There are two prices being speculated in the at the moment 399 Euros and 799 USD which translate to Rs. 27,700 and Rs 38,800 respectively.

Keeping in mind that the Nokia Booklet 3G is a netbook, the price point seems to be a bit towards the higher side but a look at the specifications of the netbook makes the price of around Rs 30,000 seem justifiable if 12 hour battery life and HDMI support(Full HD playback) are indeed true.

The second rumored price point seems to be way above the normal netbook prices. At Rs 38,800 Nokia Booklet 3G  will be hard pressed for buyers.

While the price of 399 Euros(Rs 27,700) is from the most credible source that you can find- Eldar of Mobile Review, but he to maintains that this price is not the retail price but a whole sale one. So to arive at the retail price all sorts of taxes and duties are to be added which shall take the price of the Booklet 3G to above Rs 30,000.

However we again assert that these are just speculations, thought the price put forward by Eldar i.e. Rs27.700+taxes might actually come out true. Only two days remain till the announcement of the details about Booklet 3G at Nokia World, which shall be covered in detail by us.

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