Nokia World 2009

Nokia World 2009

Well it’s nearly that time of the year again where Nokia will hold an event showcasing it’s latest offerings of products and services. This time the event is scheduled for September 2-3 and will take place in Stuttgart, Germany.

The Nokia World 08 was where Nokia introduced the N97 and announced it’s ownership over Symbian. This year, the event is said to be bigger and since Nokia has fallen behind on feature packed devices, they have pre-poned the event to September. This year the event is said to be bigger with speculation of the new X Series and C Series devices also rumoured to be launched at the event.

Nokia X Series

Nokia C Series

The event is only a few weeks away and there’s lot of speculation going on right now about Nokia’s plans and devices. We’ll just have to wait an see what Nokia have in store for us this time.

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