Food apps for bada and Android phones

Here are some of the Bada Apps for your Samsung bada 2.0 and Android smartphones. These apps range from healthy food guide, Calorific diet tracker, cooking recipes and much more.

List of Food apps for bada 2.0 and Android phones

  • Vegan Recipes – This has a collection of 16 vegan recipes of many traditional foods in all kinds of cuisines from Supreme Master Television. It also includes the ingredients and how to make the food.
  • iRecipe – It covers wide collection of Pakistani food and gives detailed directions of cooking, the ingredients of each and every dish. It also displays the picture of the dish as well. There are also different categories to choose from.
  • Cook Book – This has a collection of Indian, Chinese, South, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Thai, Italian cuisine. It is listed in different categories and also displays an image of the actual dish.
  • Healthy Food – This has delicious collection of recipes that is healthy that you could eat without concerning on weight. This includes salads, soups, starters, desserts and more.
  • Calorific – This is a Calorific diet tracker that lets you make healthier decisions about what to eat and drink, then record it all easily. It suggets food categories (green for good, yellow for okay, red for bad) which you can choose to improve your star rating. It is also available from the Android Market.
All these apps are free, and you could download them from the Samsung Apps mobile application on your bada and Android phones.

Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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