Some Nokia 5800 Tips and Tricks

Here are some of the shortcuts  that might come in handy for any Nokia 5800 XpressMusic owners.

*#0000# To know the Current Firmware of your Device and its factory information.
*#06# To know the IMEI Number of your device.
*#2820# To know the address of the Bluetooth device.
*#7380# To Restore Factory settings on the phone with default password 12345.
*#92702689# To Access Nokia’s Life Timer.
*#62209526# To know the Mac address of Wi-Fi you are using presently.
*#7370# For Soft resetting your phone with default password 12345.

Some Tips for Nokia 5800

  • For Hard resetting your phone, just switch off your mobile, then press the Red, Green and Camera button together. Your device will get Hard Resetted.
  • If you want to close any open application, just press the menu button for a few seconds, then all the open applications will be listed. Press gently on the application icon for a few seconds. You will then get an exit menu. Now Press Exit.
  • To Backup all your phone data, Just go to Menu -> Applications -> File Manager -> Backup and Press “Backup Now” in the Options Tab. You can also set it up for an Automated Backup Daily/Weekly.

If you know any other shortcuts/tips for Nokia 5800, then please do share with us below.

Author: Vikas SN

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