Samsung confirms it will not launch new Exynos chip on November 19

A couple of days back, Samsung Exynos through an Instagram post, said ‘Everything changes’ on November 19th. When everyone thought that the company will introduce its Exynos chip, the company has confirmed that this has nothing to do with Exynos, and it is not about an event. However, the company said that it has some chances coming to its social account.

On Samsung Semiconductor’s Twitter account, it has posted a thread asking people to join in on a thought experiment concerning the contributions of semiconductors.

Continuing with what we said yesterday, as an example, let’s try this thought experiment: what if we lived in a world without semiconductors? Some of the immediate effects we could think of would be on a larger scale, like, say, booking flights. Without data – of passengers, routes, etc. – being stored and moved around effortlessly the way it is today, what would travel even look like?

Also, how would an average person find their way through New York City – or any major metropolis – without the help of AI to navigate?

If AI were stripped from our lives, how would we cope with all its conveniences we practically take for granted? Like calendar scheduling, or reading emails? Imagine the day where every email was a meeting. No data means no AI assistants. Would this mean going back to doing all the thinking by ourselves?

How would we run and scale our businesses? There’d be no chatbots either. Imagine the time it would take to personally resolve every simple customer query in person. Would modern businesses survive a landscape without assisted customer service?

Taking things further, it’d be no exaggeration to say that the planet’s future would also be at stake. How would we measure and predict natural disasters, for instance? Would we even be able to acquire scientific data to support the fight against climate change?

It’s a domino effect, but it really goes to show how semiconductors change everything.

We will have to wait for one more week to find out all the details.



Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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