SugarSync Mobile for BlackBerry Beta Download is out

SugarSync is a cool File Sharing Service which lets you share files across multiple computers and mobile devices .. if you are that kind of person who works on multiple computers / mobile phones and want to access your files on the move then SugarSync is for you .. They have launched the beta download of the Blackberry version .. currently windows mobile phones and iphone have native apps .. others can use the mobile website version of the app.. I have tried the service and its pretty decent !

SugarSync Announcement Follows

We’re excited to announce the beta of the new SugarSync for Blackberry — the ultimate mobile application for people on the go! Using a BlackBerry, you can access and share all of your files and folders when you are away from your computer.

The new Blackberry application has some powerful features:

Remote access
Get access to documents stored on your other computers and view them in the palm of your hand. Everything in your SugarSync account is a few clicks away – including Microsoft Office docs, music, videos, and more.

Remote editing and synchronization
You can even edit documents on the newer Blackberry devices* – make that change and we’ll sync it to all of your other computers and devices.

Shared folders and files
Using your Blackberry, you can share folders and files with your colleagues and friends. Collaboration was never so easy.

It’s not all work and no play… Use the Blackberry app to view and share photos from your SugarSync account. You can even take new photos on your phone and instantly sync them to the cloud and your other computers.

We currently support Blackberry software version 4.2 and newer. *Note that editing directly on your BlackBerry requires a separate document editor, which is pre-loaded on newer BlackBerry devices. BlackBerry devices without the editor still have full access to their documents in read-only format.

Not on a BlackBerry? iPhone and Windows Mobile users can also install SugarSync applications at

Sign up for a Free 45 Day Trial with 10GB of storage. After the free trial, Pricing Plans start at only$4.99/month.

Author: Varun Krish

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