Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3 Review

Xiaomi launched the Mi Air Purifier 3, successor of Mi Air Purifier 2S in India last month. It an upgraded OLED touch display, improved coverage, and a more powerful HEPA Class 13 filter. Is this is the best air purifier for the price? Let us dive into the review to find out.


The Mi Air Purifier 3 has a similar design as the Air Purifier 2 and the 2S models, but the major change is the OLED touch screen option to change the options. You can switch from Auto to Night, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Manual filter modes. You can long press the button to turn it off, and press once to turn it on. The screen shows the air quality, temperature and humidity along with the mode. There is a light around the touch button which glows in green when the PM2.5 level is 75 μg/m³, glows in orange when it’s between 75 and 175 μg/m³ and glows in red when it crosses 150 μg/m³. This comes in handy so that you don’t have to check the app.

It has a similar design as the predecessor which looks eye catching, but it still comes only in white color.

There is a change in design of the fan on the top, which is now fully square, so there are no gaps offering a larger output. It also eliminates the button on the top since this has a touch display.

On the back there is a display on/off button, next to it is the temperature and the humidity sensor. Below that there is a laser particle sensor, which senses the dust particles.

Below that there is a filter compartment, which can be opened with a press of a button. The air purifier turns off automatically when you open the back cover when it is running. You can just pull the filter easily and replace it. This uses a HEPA Class 13 filter, which is more effective. It offers three layers of filtration – Primary filter that filters out large dist particles and floating matter, the Activated carbon filter filters out formaldehyde, odor and other chemicals and the true HEPA filter filters out PM2.5, PM 0.3, pollen and other repairable particles, allowing clear air to pass through. Below that the power connector is present.

The filter life depends on the use. You can also buy this filter for Rs. 2199 separately on mi.com and use it for the Mi Air Purifier 2, 2s or 2c models.

Under the filter there is an RFID chip that provides a real-time data to the app so that it shows how long the filter still can be used.

Technical Specs

Name Mi Air Purifier 3 Mi Air Purifier 2S
Particles CADR 380 m³/h 310 m³/h
Effective Area 26m²~45m² 21m²~37m²
Filter HEPA Class 13 HEPA Class 12
Operations Touch screen Buttons
Filtration System Centrifugal Fan Eddy Fan
Output Design Full Square Round Corner
Working noise 32dB(A)~64dB(A) 32dB(A)~66dB(A)


Coming to the performance, the Mi Air purifier 3 does its job well without any issues. Setting it in auto mode automatically detects the dust around and brings down the PM2.5 particulate matter around you. The upgraded centrifugal fan and the  custom brush less motor improves the purification and the square air outlet reduces the wind resistance offering a better air flow. It brings down the PM2.5 levels within minutes. The company says that it can filter 6333 liters of clean air per minute with a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 380 m³/h, which is 22% better than the Mi Air Purifier 2S. It now covers 484 sq.ft area, which is also 22% better than the Mi Air Purifier 2S.

Smart Connectivity

You have to use the Mi Home app to pair the Mi Air Purifier, and once paired with Wi-Fi, you can see the temperature, Humidiy and AQI even when you open the app. It also has similar Green, Orange and Red colors for the indication. You can easily select different modes with the options. There is also an option to view the filter health, set a schedule, turn the notification sound on or off, receive malfunction alter or lock the touch screen in the purifier so that kids don’t change the modes.

The adjustment of OLED screen light is handy since you can dim it or turn it off so that it doesn’t disturb your sleep during the night. There are other automation options and it also supports Alexa and Google Assistant pairing. This can be enabled by enabling the skill in Alexa or Google Home app. You can switch the modes, however it doesn’t show the air quality.


Overall, the Mi Air Purifier 3 is another good addition to the Air Purifier family from Xiaomi. Compared to the previous version, this has a more powerful HEPA Class 13 filter for the best filtration, real-time monitoring of air quality, temperature and humidity with the new OLED touch screen, but there is not much change in terms of design. It is available from Amazon, mi.com and Mi Home stores for Rs. 9999.

Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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