Xiaomi Mi Video App gets online content integration

Mi Video Player App

With the launch of MIUI 9 back in November, Xiaomi introduced few new apps such as Mi Video, New Mi Explorer and Mi Drop. MIUI gets updated biweekly, which includes closed beta on every Tuesday and public beta on every Friday, last Friday Xiaomi updated the Mi Video app and it gets online content integration. Users can now watch content from Hungama Play, Youtube, Hotstar, Amazon Prime Videos, Voot and other streaming services without leaving the Mi Video App.

App homepage has Movie, TVShow, News, Music, ShortFilm and more sections, clicking on more, the Categories page open which shows different content categories. Mi Video also shows ‘Trending’ content on the homepage, all the content on the homepage is powered by Hungama in which Xiaomi invested $25 Million back in 2016. This homepage also has a Search bar at the top which makes it easier for users to get the content they are looking for.

Users can click the button on the left to search bar which brings ‘Local videos’ section along with streaming services. Users can choose any service shown on the page and can enjoy online content from Youtube, Amazon Prime, Voot, Hotstar without leaving Mi Video app.

On swiping from left to right, a menu comes up which has History, Favorites, Local, Category and Settings options.

The new app integration is really helpful and there is no need to install different apps which might be helpful for users who run out of space. The updated Mi Video app is currently available only in MIUI Global Beta ROM as of now, in case you do not know about different versions of MIUI ROMs, refer to this post. Did you try this app on your Xiaomi phone, if yes, let us know your opinion about the new app in the comments?

Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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