Reliance Group’s Unlimit launches Enablement – First Indian IoT application platform in partnership with Cumulocity

Reliance Unlimit Enablement with Cumulocity

Reliance Group launched Unlimit back in November last year as the first dedicated IoT (Internet of Things) business unit of any telecom operator in India. Today it has announced that it has partnered with  Cumulocity, one of the global leading IoT software providers to launch ‘Enablement’ platform to roll out a suite of new products and services.


“This will allow businesses to connect any device over any network, and manage and store asset data, by controlling them in real-time by monitoring device availability and administer and rectify device faults,” said Unlimit.


It said that the partnership extends the company’s connectivity offerings, with Cumulocity’s advanced IoT application and the ‘Enablement’ platform. The combined offering will enable Unlimit’s customers to benefit from rapid machine, sensor and device integration, as well as data collection and real-time analytics for condition monitoring.

It also offers predictive maintenance and supply chain automation, comprehensive device management and remote control, vertical application configuration of real-time dashboards and fast and affordable enterprise IT integration.

The new product line will showcase off-the-shelf applications for key verticals such as industrial automation, healthcare, financial services and asset tracking, and can be used across the globe and/or tailored to suit the unique demands of the Indian market.

Juergen Hase, Chief Executive Officer of Unlimit, said:

With the number of connected devices in India projected to rise from 200 million today to 3 billion by 2020, nearly every part of the economy will be positively impacted by IoT. We are delighted to partner with Cumulocity to launch our new platform ‘Enablement’ and unlock the full potential of the Internet of Things for our customers and make the benefits of IoT virtually UNLIMITed.

Bernd Gross, Chief Executive Officer of Cumulocity, said, said:

We are delighted to support Unlimit and the Reliance Group in the delivery of ‘Enablement’. The ‘Enablement’ platform and its suite of customized products provides end customers in many specialist vertical markets with the tools to easily embed IoT into their business, rapidly exploit the benefits and continuously evolve to their demands and desires. ‘Enablement’ provides everyone in India able to use a mobile phone with the capability to rapidly build, secure and deploy their own state-of-the-art IoT solution in an extremely cost-efficient way.

Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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