Smartphone Championship: Droid X vs Samsung Galaxy S

The Fonearena Smartphone Championship is getting interesting after every match. We saw that the Nexus One and Palm Pre won in the 1st two matches and the next match was between the Apple iPhone 4 and the HTC EVO 4G.This was the best part of the competition so far , where these phones got a total of 6,200 votes. HTC EVO 4G won by taking 5,637 votes, and iPhone 4 got only 566 votes. That’s a very big loss for iPhone 4Well, the competition does not stop here. Now we are heading to the next match, which is between the Motorola’s latest Android monster, the Droid X and one of the hottest smartphones of today, the Samsung Galaxy S. This is  going to be a very interesting and tough match.

So folks we need your votes, and choose the one who you think can beat the EVO 4G, so on your marks, get set, VOTE!