Smartphone Championship: HTC EVO 4G vs Apple iPhone 4

The Fonearena Smartphone Championship is going on very well. The first match was between the Nexus One and Apple iPhone 3GS, where Nexus One won. And now the second match results,tthe second match was between the Palm Pre and Droid Incredible, and the Palm Pre won by a great margin.

This time we got 713 votes, where Palm Pre won the round by 481 votes, and Droid Incredible only got 232 votes. We want to say thanks to everyone for voting, and hoping to see your votes again.

Now the next match is between the popular Apple iPhone 4 and the dashing HTC EVO 4G, and we all were waiting for this match from a long time now. So folks, It’s voting time, so vote for you favorite phone and see it in the next round.

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  • Derek

    The reason why the HTC Evo is beating the iPhone 4 is because android fans are crazy on these sites because they have to try and get it out there that the android device is good and catching up to the iPhone. I had the HTC Evo and now have the iPhone 4. They are both great phones. I thought the HTC Evo was a little too big and I don’t live in a 4G area so paying the extra 10 bucks was stupid for me. So I switched to the iPhone 4. I love it and I don’t have the antenna issue because I am in a great area for AT&T. No complaints for me on the iPhone4, but I know there is an antenna issue. I put cases on my phones all the time and have the bumper on my iPhone 4. I don’t think you can say one is clearly better than the other because all of you android owners have not seen the screen on the iPhone 4. It is truely amazing when you are watching videos and looking at pictures.

    • bobby

      seen both and i own the evo. the evo screen is big and amazing all the time oh not to mention the flash player situation lovin that, iphone4 yes its a good phone but it has steps to go to be AS good as the evo i live in a 4g area an that iphone just doesnt compare honestly. besides at&t the plans suck

  • Mike

    If you are going to compare sales, apple has one device for all these apple fans to flock too. Android has tons more styles to choose from. Now anyone care to tell these apple fans how many androids are sold every year compared to apple. For the evo to do so good when other carriers have android devices almost as good is amazing. just sayin.

  • lenz


    apple against a huge smartphone competition, and having won it with the 3g&3gs is pretty amazing isnt it. just saying.

    • mike



  • David R

    Derek says: “don’t live in a 4G area so paying the extra 10 bucks was stupid for me”. And, how much more are you paying for your iPhone at AT&T? Why is it so many people are complaining about the $10.00 fee for the EVO (for the record, I don’t like it either) but this is less than AT&T or Verizon charges for their smartphones. Plus, Sprint doesn’t charge for features like Visual Voicemail, GPS driving Directions, Unlimited Data, and Unlimited Mobile Calling

  • brock

    switched from iPhone to evo, got to say there’s a reason why evo won.