Uber slashes fares by up to 22% in 10 cities across India

Uber price cut

Uber has slashed uberGO rates by up to 22% in 10 cities – Pune (15%), Ahmedabad (17%), Jodhpur (22%), Udaipur (22%), Ajmer (18%), Indore (9%), Nagpur (9%), Vizag (16%), Mangalore (20%), Trivandrum (18%). Uber had slashed rates of low-cost uberX and its cheapest uberGO service across India last year, later it increased the rates due to service tax changes. Earlier this year it reduced the price of uberGO and uberX in some cities, including Chennai.

New UberGo rates Base Fare (INR) Per KM (INR) Per minute (INR)
Pune 35 6 1
Ahmedabad 20 5 1
Jodhpur 25 7 1
Udaipur 25 7 1
Ajmer 25 7 1
Indore 30 5 1
Nagpur 40 5 1
Vizag 40 5 1
Mangalore 30 7 1
Trivandrum 40 7 1

Regarding the price cut, Uber on the official blog, said:

The upside of these price cuts for riders is obvious as your Uber rides become even more affordable. But it’s also important to note that with increased demand drivers get busier as well. More demand increases driver efficiency on the road, resulting in more trips per hour, and less idle time while driving on Uber.

And with even more affordable fares, we believe Uber can be a viable alternative to people driving their own cars with all the hassle and cost that parking brings.

Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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