uberMOTO motorbike service launched in Gurgaon


After launching uberMOTO in Bangalore, uber has started piloting the service in Gurgaon. This lets you book a ride on a motorcycle at the push of a button and it is the most affordable Uber ride ever at as low as Rs. 3 per KM and a base fare of Rs. 15. All riders and drivers have to wear a helmet in Gurgaon by law, so your uberMOTO driver will have a spare helmet for you.

UberMOTO is currently available in select locations in Gurgaon between 7:30 AM and 9:30 PM. The company said that it will continue to extend uberMOTO’s coverage over time. Uber also said that it will not charge any service fee for the duration of this pilot to support the Government in its de-congestion initiatives, and will submit a key-findings report to the Government, analyzing the benefits of bike-sharing in the City.

Regarding the launch of uberMOTO service in the city, Uber on the official blog, said:

uberMOTO works towards the vision of reducing congestion by helping fill every empty seat on the bikes on road. It enables riders to push a button and share a motorbike ride within minutes. It’s a great way for people to save time and money on short trips across town and provides last mile connectivity–especially to and from the metro stations.

It will help cut congestion in Gurgaon by getting people out of cars when they don’t need to use them, and by encouraging motorbike drivers to share their ride. It follows the launch of Uber’s carpooling service, which is designed to get more people into fewer cars.

Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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