Xiaomi Mi 4 Battery Life Test

Xiaomi Mi 4 One Charge Rating

Xiaomi launched the Mi 4, the company’s flagship smartphone in India few weeks back for Rs. 19,999 and the 64GB variant went on sale earlier this week for Rs. 23,999. We already brought you the complete review of the Mi 4, here we have the battery life test results of the smartphone. Check out our battery test procedure before checking out the test results.

Talk Time

Xiaomi Mi 4 Talk Time

It lasted for for 16 hours and 39 minutes in our talk time test and lies behind its competitor OnePlus One.

3G Browsing

Xiaomi Mi 4 3G Browsing

It lasted for 6 hours and 15 minutes in the 3G browsing test and tops the charts.

Wi-Fi Browsing

Xiaomi Mi 4 WiFi Browsing

Again it tops the chart with 9 hours and 5 minutes of Wi-Fi browsing.

Video Playback

Xiaomi Mi 4 Video Playback

It lasted only for 6 hours and 39 minutes in our video playback test.


Overall the Xiaomi Mi 4’s One Charge Rating is 9 hours and 47 minutes in our battery test. As you might have seen in our comparison, this comes close to the OnePlus One’s battery life.

Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

Srivatsan Sridhar is a Mobile Technology Enthusiast who is passionate about Mobile phones and Mobile apps. He uses the phones he reviews as his main phone. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram