Adah Sharma and Sharman Joshi to endorse Nokia X series phones ?

A Bollywood site is reporting that  3-idiots star Sharman Joshi has been signed up by handset maker Nokia to promote it’s X Series phones in India.

Sharman Joshi and actress Adah Sharma are going to be seen in media campaigns for the upcoming Nokia X Series handsets like the X6 and X3 which are expected to be launched this month in India. The hints at a release date of April and that the tagline of the ad is There is a song on your X-Phone for every occasion

The ad has Sharman and Adah as a young couple who are out to shop dresses for Adah. For every dress that Adah tries, Sharman plays a new song on the cell, as a sign of approval, which irritates Adah. And towards the end, while Adah walks out in anger, Sharman again plays a track to pacify her

We are really looking forward to see the Ads and hope it’s better than the boring  Khareedo Now Ya Pachhtaao ads.

3 Idiots Hero and Bollywood actor Aamir Khan has been picked up by Etilsat . LG Mobiles has signed up John Abraham and Genelia and the ads are already being aired on Television channels

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