Nokia N900 Photo Gallery And N810 Comparison

We recently had a chance to play with the new Nokia N900, or the hottest device to come from the Finnish manufacturer in a long time, based on the Maemo 5 platform. The N900 features a design very similar to the N97, with a full touchscreen and a slide-out qwerty keyboard. The differences though stop there, as the N900 is way superior in terms of processor, RAM, UI intuitiveness, browser, and many other aspects that we won’t go into right now.

But we thought we’d snap a couple of pictures for you to enjoy and drool on, while waiting for the N900’s official release on the market. Here they are. Remember that you can click on the thumbnails to view the full resolution image.

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Nokia N920 Internet Tablet Leaked!


Nokia announced the Nokia N900 in September at Nokia World and it’s now about to hit the shops with pre-orders set to being full-filled in the coming weeks.But suddenly here’s a spy/leaked picture of another touchscreen Nokia phone. This phone is what some claim to be the Nokia N920 or the successor to the Nokia N900. Continue reading “Nokia N920 Internet Tablet Leaked!”

Nokia N900, initial thoughts from CTIA


You can count 24 apps running in the pics if you look closely

I am one lucky guy, I know that, I get to attend the premier events around the world when it comes to mobile technology and I get to play with the latest and greatest devices.  Sometimes devices I’m not at liberty to talk about for months.  So when I was at CTIA last week in San Diego I made sure to take a look at the N900.  My short introduction to it really hooked me.  I’m a big fan of HootSuite, a web based Twitter app and I was happily shocked when Chanse Arrington got it running on his N900 without any hitch or tweaking of settings during the GoMo News Blender.  I mean I was really impressed.  Then the next day Joe Gallo had 24 apps running simultaneously on his N900.  That’s not a typo, he really had 24 going. Continue reading “Nokia N900, initial thoughts from CTIA”

Nokia brings Qt port to Maemo5 , shows it off on N900 on Video

Nokia has officially announced the Qt port to Maemo5 Linux and shows it off on Video using the eagerly awaited Nokia N900 .Qt comes to Nokia from the  acquisition of Norwegian company Trolltech back in 2008 and it was formerly referred to as Qtopia.Enjoy the video after the jump.


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Nokia N900 Fondle Video

During Nokia World 2009, we had a chance to fondle Nokia’s latest and greatest Maemo device, the N900. The new Maemo interface is still a mystery to many of us, since we only had time to play with it for a couple of minutes, and we’re not really sure how it’ll behave under everyday usage.

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