Nokia N900 Photo Gallery And N810 Comparison

We recently had a chance to play with the new Nokia N900, or the hottest device to come from the Finnish manufacturer in a long time, based on the Maemo 5 platform. The N900 features a design very similar to the N97, with a full touchscreen and a slide-out qwerty keyboard. The differences though stop there, as the N900 is way superior in terms of processor, RAM, UI intuitiveness, browser, and many other aspects that we won’t go into right now.

But we thought we’d snap a couple of pictures for you to enjoy and drool on, while waiting for the N900’s official release on the market. Here they are. Remember that you can click on the thumbnails to view the full resolution image.

Next up, we did a comparison between the N900 and its predecessor, the N810 Internet Tablet, which features the same design, but a bigger screen and a slimmer body. The N810 is only an Internet Tablet, meaning that it isn’t a phone and it can’t make GSM calls or send SMS messages. It also doesn’t have the good 5MP camera of the N900, nor its 3G capabilities, and it runs on the old Maemo 4 software.