Ubuntu Smartphone Devices to Ship Starting October 2013

The Ubuntu operating system for Smartphones was recently unveiled with its radical UI and user experience getting much praise and accolade from the tech press. We took a hands on look at the Ubuntu OS running on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, at the International CES 2013 and we were quite impressed with it. Canonical inc., the minds behind the OS promised to bring a very similar experience from the desktop Ubuntu OS that is widely installed by various classes of consumers, to the smartphone experience. And they have just done that, with the Ubuntu for Smartphones. While we got to know about the software, the hardware was literally non existent at the OS launch, but that might be fixed real soon with Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth promising devices as early as October 2013.

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Ubuntu for phones announced

Ubuntu for Android has been there for a while, enabling you to dock your phone and make it your desktop, with a full blown OS on the phone, but what about Ubuntu, the OS itself on your smartphone? Yes, Canonical has let loose the details of the new Ubuntu OS for smartphones, with devices slated to launch by 2014. Watch the virtual keynote video here –


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