Hands-on: Ubuntu for Phones on Nexus 4

Canonical released the Ubuntu Developer Preview for phones and tablets few hours back, and we installed it on the Google Nexus 4. Ubuntu showed off the Ubuntu for phones running on the Galaxy Nexus at the International CES 2013 last month. The Ubuntu OS for phones intuitive gesture-based User Interface that offers completely new user experience, right from the lock screen. You can just swipe to from right to left to unlock the screen. The screen shows graphical representation of several things, for example the orangeness increases based on the volume of tweets.

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Ubuntu for phones announced

Ubuntu for Android has been there for a while, enabling you to dock your phone and make it your desktop, with a full blown OS on the phone, but what about Ubuntu, the OS itself on your smartphone? Yes, Canonical has let loose the details of the new Ubuntu OS for smartphones, with devices slated to launch by 2014. Watch the virtual keynote video here –


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